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In case you are packing your bags for Croatia this summer I thought I would share some spots that we enjoyed.


We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb which I could have happily lived in. The owners met us at the parking garage down the road and pointed out things along the way. The house used to belong to the lady’s grandparents who used to be bakers, which made the house even more charming to me. It is just above the old town and has an impressive view of one of the towers as well as a cute garden filled with lemon trees, orange trees and rose bushes. Just take a moment to image how amazing it smelled. There were lovely details around and lots of care had been taken in putting the house together. Unsurprising as the couple had only moved out of the apartment 10 days before to be in the countryside!

There are two double bedrooms but I would suggest that it is better for a family or group of non-couple friends as the room are only divided by a (frosted) glass door.


On our previous visit Tim and I had been disappointed by only ever seeming to have the option of grilled vegetables which were more like vegetables swimming in oil.

On this occasion we visited the vegetarian restaurant in town called Nishta. It is a pretty small restaurant with an ‘eclectic’ interior but the food was excellent. I tried a bit of everyone’s meal and there was a great variety of options. I went for a Thai noodle curry (not something you can find in Trieste) and we shared some puddings. The rice pudding was not to my taste but there was a traditional fig thing which was amazing.

Perhaps a rather eccentric choice being in Croatia, we went to a Bosnian restaurant called Taj Mahal which seemed to be Moroccan in decor than Indian. The food, however, was very good. Tim and I got a sort of smorgasbord of options with a spinach and cheese pie, mushrooms with a traditional cheese and (yes) grilled vegetables. I also got some extra cheese to have with the most amazing bread. Seriously, worth the visit just for that. Our friends had a traditional sausage dish called cevapcici which they thoroughly enjoyed.


I’ve mentioned it before but the Wine Bar Razonoda is definitely worth a visit too. It only serves Croatian wines and the sommelier provided us with information about the wines we tried. They also had a small bar menu with local cheeses, olives, breads, etc which were very good.

Have you been to Dubrovnik? Any suggestions? Or are you planning on heading there soon?

8 thoughts on “dubrovnik | a few spots

  1. We’re hopefully booking a holiday to Croatia tonight, just trying to decide where to stay in Dubrovnik. Would you recommend this area?

  2. I am desperate to go to Dubrovnik, it’s top of my ‘to travel to’ list – we had this crazy idea to drive there on a big European road trip in Tom’s van but I think we might have to put that on hold for a couple of years due to the amount of planning it would take and how long it would take to get there! 🙂 xo

    1. It depends how many places you wanted to stop but I don’t think it would take that long to drive. Could probably do it in a month with a couple days stopping in various places along the way. Do it!!!

  3. I love the pink houses! I’ve never been to Croatia before but it looks lovely. How I wish my husband had more than two weeks’ vacation each year! I’d really like to see more of Europe.

  4. Oh, this looks lovely! A friend of mine and her boyfriend recently travelled to Dubrovnik for a long Bank Holiday weekend and shared some pretty enviable Instagram snaps that have definitely put it on my list. The airbnb you used looks delightful.

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