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So I have now been married for over two weeks which is still a bit weird but also incredibly lovely. Our wedding wasn’t totally traditional (does everyone say that?) so I thought I would share some thoughts:

>>> You don’t need to wear the world’s most expensive dress to feel like a million dollars. In fact you can get a talented friend to make it, have an adventure buying fabric from a lady who only speaks Italian and insists you don’t need more than 2 metres of fabric, not have an actual pattern and spend less than £200.

>>> You don’t need a wedding cake but if your mom decides to make one last minute that works too.

>>> You don’t need to have bridesmaids and groomsmen. All the people who came to our wedding helped out and were awesome. Not having to worry about the extra stress of outfits, presents, activities etc led to a much calmer me and just being able to spend time alone with Tim on our wedding day made me feel super relaxed.

>>> You can leave the house on the morning of your wedding and have your hair and makeup done in a ‘salon’. I went to Blow Ltd and spent a fraction of the price on having my hair and make up done. Even taking into consideration a test visit.

>>> You can arrive at your wedding ceremony in a minicab you booked that morning.

>>> You can see the guests before you walk down the aisle. We got married at a registry office and I loved seeing and greeting people before we walked down the aisle. It took some of the ‘look at me I’m the centre of attention’ stress off.

>>> You and your future spouse can walk down the aisle together.

>>> You can leave the ceremony by train and use the cancelled train and half an hour wait on the platform as a chance to catch up with people.

>>> You don’t have to plan a first dance but can dance to the second song that the band plays because people still kind of expect it.

>>> You don’t have to have speeches.

>>> You can serve vegetarian food from amazing caterers and get a heap of comments even from staunch meat eaters.

>>> Love is the best ingredient for a lovely wedding day. The love you have for each other but also importantly the love of your friends and family in helping set up, clear up, deal with your manias, party hard and so much more.

p.s. I’ve got a few wedding related posts in my mind. It will be a while until I have some wedding photos but will share a few when I get them.

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