life lessons from cy twombly

cy twombly bacchus

While in London the week before the wedding we visited the Tate Modern and wondered into their rooms on ‘Energy and Process’. Cy Twombly is one of my favourite painters and I had some lessons for life reaffirmed while looking at a room of his works including the Bacchus Series.

cy twombly bacchus - go big or go home

>>> Go big or go home. Don’t play small!

cy twombly bacchus - off the edge

>>> Don’t be afraid to go off the ‘edges’ (not in a crazy way but more colour outside the box sense)

cy twombly bacchus - do over

>>> It is okay to paint over and start again

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  1. Haha, love this! I always get caught up in the Poetry & Dreams section at TM and haven’t ever really explored Energy & Process, but I’d love to learn more about works by artists like Twombly. I think you’ve taken exactly the right life lessons away from the Tate Modern that Nicholas Serota wanted visitors to have – wandering and spontaneous learning through reflection.

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