happy friday

happy friday beach umbrellas

It is a kind of strange time of year. Tim is on holiday until the end of August. At which point I also start working. So post wedding there is a ‘new swing’ to get back into to. Which mostly feels like holiday and has me being very unproductive. Again! That said I am enjoying time with my new husband post our familymoon.

It will still be a bit sporadic around here for a while but I had a growing list of links to share. Due to not posting a happy Friday for some weeks now I have a jolly list of links to share with you this week. Some are a bit older but hopefully they are still of interesting

And you will also find I have been popping up on other blogs lately. Byrony included me in her new series on seaside bloggers (such a great idea!) and Catherine had me tell you what I get up to on a weekend.

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