blog critique

blog critique

Last week I got chatting with a blog buddy about changing up our blogs and we decided to critique each others sites. It was a really useful exercise analysing someone else’s blog as well as having some completely honest feedback.

Then I got a bit greedy and thought that it would be great to have some feedback from others.

Then I thought I should be a bit more ‘generous’ and see if I can create a sort of ‘critique-swap’. So here is the plan. Leave me a comment with your email (this can be done privately) and the blog site you want critiqued. I will create a list so that each person critiques two sites. I think it is most useful to do this in pairs so you can have a conversation with the person if you want.

I’ll try and create a little form to help ‘steer’ your critiques, so leave any comments you might have on that too.

If you want to get involved leave a comment by 11 August and I will work on the list as quick as I can.

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