#1day12pics | a photo an hour in september

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Wow I can’t believe how many people took part in our September #1day12pics. It was so great to see. Do head over to some of the other people who took part too.

I didn’t have a perfect ‘per hour’ day but the sentiment was still there. It was mostly pretty relaxed with not much happening in the morning, then heading out for coffee, grabbing something to eat from a street market that had popped up and then heading up to the mountains for a lovely long walk. I finished the day off doing some lettering and making a poster of my new daily motto.

I did try to work a theme of shapes but it did feel a bit forced so although some did reflect it I don’t think the theme was as helpful this month as it has previously been for me. I really need to come up with a theme before hand rather than deciding what it is after the second picture!

11 thoughts on “#1day12pics | a photo an hour in september

  1. Love the way you’ve done this post. I actually had quite an exciting day that day – so exciting, in fact, that I completely forgot to take a single photo! Next time, I PROMISE!

    1. Thanks Catherine. Can’t wait to hear what happened on your exciting day. You in Malaysia next month? Will be fun to see what goes on in your day there again.

  2. I did start off taking photos for the challenge this month but ran out of steam after half a dozen pics! It’s surprisingly hard to find 12 interesting things to capture some days, but always love your photos – the light is beautiful.

    1. It is quite hard. I don’t always manage and we aren’t that strict about 12 exactly. Something to work towards ;). Feel free to share your six and link up.

  3. I’m so glad that #1day12pics is taking off! I enjoy it every time. I keep saying I’m going to do as you have been doing and pick a theme. Maybe in October!

    1. Maybe we should attempt to both do the same theme? Would be interesting to see the interpretations and differences from across the sea.

  4. Wonderful phhotos!!
    do we have some other days to partecipate? am I wrong?
    I love #1day#12pics, I try to take photos, but….it’s hard to take 12 photos (interesting)!But I’m practicing! 🙂

    1. Thank you Bea. You can take part any day you want, we just have the ‘group day’ for extra fun. And yes it is hard to take 12 photos! I certainly struggle sometimes.

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