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cherry burek in zagreb

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Love this from Joy the Baker on fear of running out of ideas and where the inspiration comes from: “There is creativity and learning in simply trying to figure it out everyday”

I absolutely love these literally painted flowers from Georgie St Claire.

This post just made me smile.

Some interesting tips on product photography.

This is the reason I want these shoes in my life (cheetah and leopard are kind of the same right?).

How to tell a confident blogger

EAT >>>

We spent a night in Zagreb on Thursday. We ate probably one too many burek (a traditional pastry) but we really enjoyed these cherry ones for breakfast on Friday morning. They are perfect to grab from a bakery for about €1 and enjoy in a lovely square.

What is your favourite breakfast ‘street food’ (ie food you eat on the street as opposed to bought on the street)?

6 thoughts on “read ’em and eat

    1. It certainly was. Might just have to go back to pick one of them up. Although I think you can get them in Slovenia too.

  1. Well it’s not really breakfast but I adore falafel and houmous in a pitta. Also I tried a proper cornish pasty, in Cornwall for the first time 2 years ago (!) on my honeymoon – now that was good too.

    Thanks so much for the mention lovely.

  2. In the Philippines we have a street snack called taho, which is a cup of silken tofu, sweet caramel syrup, and tapioca pearls. Taho vendors roam the streets in the very early mornings before it gets too hot, so Filipino kids always have it for breakfast before going to school. I have great memories of running out with my mug (yes, eco-friendly before it was cool) the moment I heard the vendor shouting “Tahooooo!”

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