a solution to technology overload – getting tangible


So a couple weeks ago I posted about non-attachment to technology. I wasn’t 100% successful but I did read a book, met up with friends and created an actual real life mood board. I then read this piece on Wit and Delight about a social media break.

I found the Kate’s thoughts on the connection between social media and depression rather interesting. Perhaps it is choice overwhelm? We live in a time where we want to be connected but want to disconnect. We have more time but don’t use it wisely. Probably as all generations before us we live in a confusing time.

How do we feed these opposing desires? How do we live in the light? I can see that so many of us are trying to do this. Switching off our technologies on the weekends, taking social media breaks. We all joke that we are addicted but we really are. You don’t realise how much sitting at a computer all day every day wears you down until you spend time away from it. And that time away has real benefits not least of all providing real life inspiration. How can we stop getting to the point where we have to get rid of it all though? Is it just human nature (habit?) that we consume until it makes us sick, be it obesity or media?

My efforts towards non-attachments of technology and some more thinking made me realise something. Having your hands on a book or a paint brush, sitting with friends with a glass of red wine in your hands. These are all things which ground you in the present. Yes a computer/phone is a tangible object but perhaps instead of saying no to technology we need to say yes to those other tangible objects.

I continue to make efforts to spend time away from the ‘screen’, hold the tangible, have real conversations, consider daily gratitudes. I feel these all help me live in the present. I really don’t see me giving up social media as I feel I mostly benefit from how I interact with it, but less screen time would certainly not be a bad thing.

Have you felt drained by your technologies? How are you trying to find ‘balance’?

2 thoughts on “a solution to technology overload – getting tangible

  1. I’m totally with you on this Michelle. Whenever I spend less time at work on my computer, I always have a lot more energy by the end of the day. A month or so ago, I was so busy with other stuff in my life that I was forced to take a step back from SM and I have to admit at first it was a wrench (I’m somewhat embarrassed to say!). I had serious FOMO. But then, as things calmed down, I realised how much time I had been spending on it and how obsessed/addicted I’d become. It was quite scary actually. You end up disconnecting from reality and other people, but at the same time you feel super connected because you’re reading a lot and you’re interacting with lots of people online. It’s a balance, for sure!

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