read ’em and eat



I love this way of getting ready for a day.

It can be really interesting to hear about how other people got to where they are so I found this interview with Nicole Franzen (photographer extrordinaire) interesting.

Siobhan’s blogging tips board on pinterest is full of some great articles.

I always think of making an advent calendar. And then I don’t. But if I was going to make one this is a pretty cool advent (because it has copper which I love).

I’d love your thoughts on this idea I’ve had (involving Venice¬†and you).


This is a balanced breakfast right? Tim brought some mince pies back from London last week. I can’t believe we had the patience to wait a whole week before opening the second box.

Christmas is definitely on its way now!

3 thoughts on “read ’em and eat

  1. You have the best links Michelle! I’d be interested in Venice but I’m not sure I can afford it – would have to see. Btw had a dream last night I took up tutoring!

    1. Thanks Lynne. I don’t think my personal cost would be so much but of course flights and hotels add up.

      Also odd dream? What would you be tutoring in London? Give it a try if it is something you have been thinking about.

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