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Okay so it took me a while to get to the next ‘lesson’ but better late than never, right?

In the last lesson I noted

“composition helps us to highlight our subject. When rules aren’t followed the subject might have to compete for attention with other items in the frame therefore diminishing the ‘quality’ of your picture. Obviously rules are also meant to be broken but knowing the rules means you can be intentional about breaking them.”

This time around I am looking at framing. Framing is simply using something to ‘frame’ your subject and therefore draw the eye to them. This idea started long before photography in paintings where the subject(s) are often placed in windows, door frames or arches.

Lets look at some photographs as examples…

framing-silhouette-tunnel framing-doorway framing-window

There are so many opportunities for framing: windows, doorways, tunnels. But it doesn’t stop there.

framing-curtain framing-stars framing-unusual framing-trees-and-people

Also look for frames that are a little different. Go for something a bit subtle. Or go for a more unusual shape. Use people and anything that is around you. (Necklace by Lotts and Lots).


Sometimes you can even use a frame! (styling by Charlotte Love)


Framing your object obviously doesn’t happen every time you take a picture. However, if there is a frame opportunity happening make sure you make the most of it. The photo above could have been better if I had shifted so that both subjects sat in the doorway.

What do you think?

Do you use framing? Share an image where you have used framing in an interesting way.

2 thoughts on “let’s learn composition | framing

  1. Great post, I’m still desperately trying to improve/learn more on photography skills, I love this bite size lesson and it’s is to remember too because for me everything I learn gets forgotten but just remembering the word framing will help me to think twice when taking photos, thanks lovely, hope all is good over in Italy! X

  2. Learning to think different about composition really changed my photography and how I take photos. I love using doors and alley ways to frame my photos, especially outfit photos. I also like making the most of negative space (which I discovered not too long ago as well). Thanks for sharing your tips, I’m looking forward to trying new framing techniques x

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