read ’em and eat


This week I got attacked by a throat and ear lurgy. And I had some deadlines at work. So it has been pretty full on. But I realised that a ‘bad’ week in my life at the moment is really pretty darn good still. Yes, I still have a terrible relationship with chocolate (meaning I eat it everyday and still haven’t shifted any weight off this year). Yes, I have no idea what I am doing with my life in the big picture sense. But man is my day to day life awesome. And just appreciating the ‘nows’ makes you super happy. I mean I seriously feel like I am on some natural prozac all the time. I am wondering how I can bottle this feeling for future ‘down periods’. I’ll let you know if I am successful.


I am always in love with Siobhan’s Friday link-ups. (Do you have any good ones?)

I want Tiffany’s office space, or for her to come over and magic my rental into something so beautiful.

I am starting to eye up birthday cakes and this hazelnut and mascarpone one is currently leading the race.

These scarves are beautiful.

I might be going hysterical but I found this incredibly amusing (warning it is only cats on the internet).

This project is a great way to get you off your phone and help give water to children in need.


Um, another smoothie … sorry they are all I am eating for breakfast at the moment! So many combinations. I might try a beet smoothie soon though …

Check out the recipe for this one on Instagram. The one above (had in bed this morning) is the same but looks more chocolatey because I used a different leaf with a pink stem so the colour changed. There was no chocolate in it. But it was still green in spirit.

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