an unplanned kind of surrealist photo


I took this photo yesterday while in Rovinj, Croatia. It seemed to me to be almost surrealist, like a Dali painting. The cloud makes it but the repetition of the stairs, the separation from the background, the lines, the colours.

What do you think?

Also I think I may be getting my photo mojo back. It just requires getting out and taking some pictures in a beautiful place with the sun shining, sometimes.

4 thoughts on “an unplanned kind of surrealist photo

  1. Beautiful photo! I think I’ve been to Rovinj…but a long time ago. Darren and I decided to go to the Cinque Terre and Lucca in a couple of weeks and I’m thinking of taking my dSLR with me build some confidence taking outdoor pictures!

    1. It is a lovely little town on the Istrian coast?

      I can’t believe you wouldn’t take your camera to Italy and the Cinque Terre – so many beautiful photos you could take just holding down the button (though I know you are better than that) 😉

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