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More movies should have dance scenes ’cause this just made me happy.

Best easy cookie idea ever! (not a healthy one).

There is always a bit of obsession around money, how to make money from blogging, how to make more, etc, that it is nice to see someone talking about a ‘big enough’ business.

An interesting idea of leaving yourself wanting more.

I really need to make the time and space to declutter. Some good reminders here.


I made these hot cross buns over the Easter weekend (because can you believe you don’t get hot cross buns in Italy). The only change I made was swapping the flour for spelt. But I never seem to get bread-y things right and they were a little dry. So a few days later when I hadn’t devoured them all I made some chopped up hot cross bun french toast. Topped with bananas and my attempt at coconut butter (which I am not sure is as smooth or spreadable as it should be. Might try again with adding some coconut oil).

On a side note: a major benefit to cutting up the bread into chunks is that you don’t need to use a knife when eating it and can probably also type a blog post, or read a book, or something while you are eating breakfast. That is a power move!

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