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Well it has been a little quiet over on this little space. Not a totally unplanned absence since with the end of a school year my day job gets busy. And I am taking on an additional role next year (actually teaching a class! On photography!). I am also working on my dissertation. And if you follow me on Instagram you know I am galavanting at present.

I will be back soonish with some posts about Japan (which was absolutely amazing) and maybe one or two about Crete (currently sitting at a rustic wooden table in an old fisherman’s cottage enjoying daily sun and sea quotas).

I have to say the time away has been great. Not constantly checking what my stats are, not comparing, not feeling inadequate when I just don’t get around to doing all the posts I have imagined.

In the meantime if I could ask a little favour. As mentioned I am working on my dissertation and I would be super grateful if you could fill out this survey. Also if you could get your parents and/or partner to do it would be great! I am aiming to get at least 500 respondents and it is a ways to go.

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