so …


I was going to write a catch up post. But I am going to just roll right into something I have been thinking lately.

Do you know what? I am happy! I am generally a happy person but life is good and I love it and sometimes I feel giddy about it. And do you know what else? I don’t feel guilty about it. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about your awesome life either.

Also I am getting annoyed when people ask what we are doing next. What is that? Why can’t I just live in the moment, enjoying life, chilling out with my friends having apertivi, travelling when a weekend allows between school, making plans for summer, reading books, learning new things. It isn’t like we are sitting in a stagnant pool of depression – why should I want to leave?

So maybe I am back. Things are happening around here that have me thinking and that will hopefully lead to sharing. But I am not making any promises and I am not making any plans so maybe see you, maybe not. And I am not going to feel guilty about it. I think that is an emotion I am about ready to give up on.

4 thoughts on “so …

  1. Woohoo to not being guilty! Sounds like you’ve found a good balance (if it involves aperitivi it must be good…). No pressure or anything, but I want to see those Japan photos! Loved catching up with you when you were over x

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