11 years

Today Tim and I have been together for 11 years. Isn’t that a beautiful thing! I have to say I feel really lucky that I found my person so early in life. Things aren’t always perfect and we do argue (our arguments generally revolve around the same things and maybe one day they will be sorted out) but I’d probably still say it is good to great 99% of the time. This is what I have learned in 11 years:

  • The simple practise of just being nice to each other goes a long way in making a happy relationship. Say thank you, offer to make a cup of tea when it is normally ‘their job’, pick up their favourite thing from the store for no reason, write a note that shares how much you love them today, try not to do those things that irritate them. It is so easy to let out frustrations on your partner because you know they will still love you and yes that still happens sometimes but try not let it become a habit and when it does happen apologise and thank them for understanding your crazy days.
  • I came across this great quote while reading the other day: “An adventure is real when it involves the heart” (by Italo Svevo). Make your love an adventure! Make the effort to try new things together. Sometimes things can get a little routine and mundane. Try a new place for dinner or head somewhere new for holiday to keep things fresh.
  • Real life love is better than movie love so don’t bother hankering for the cheese. Tim isn’t the typical romantic but when I think about what he does for me and how he helps me to be my best self I realise that I wouldn’t trade that for all the surprise flowers or airport chase scenes in the world (because that would be rather weird anyway).
  • Gratitude! It changes everything.

That is all.

p.s. Love you, Love!

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  1. “real life love is better than movie love” Eep! So true! And congrats! Thomas and I have been together 13 years now and I totally echo everything you’ve written 🙂

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