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I just wanted to put down my thoughts of where I am with my photography. More for myself really but perhaps it will help you to understand what posts are coming up.

Moving from London to Trieste has lead to a change in many things but also in the way I view photography. For years I was stuck in the thinking that I had to find a way to make money from my photography. I had to justify spending money on equipment by finding a way to make a good return on invest. And this I think has really held me back. I was stuck concentrating on the types of photography that would make me an income. Looking at what others were doing and whether there was space for me in the market.

With a language barrier and no hints of contacts I figured it just wasn’t going to happen. Which has given a rise to a sort of freedom. If I don’t have to make money from my photography I don’t have to be limited by what will make me money. And here is the shift: I want to create “art”. What art is exactly is still something I an considering. I am not saying I won’t be taking some snapshots of my life (see those on Instagram). Don’t worry I am not going to get all pompous. And I certainly don’t see myself suddenly making something worthy of a museum. But I do want to create something that has an intentional message in it, that makes people pause and look a bit longer. I think Robert Frank said it best

When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice – Robert Frank

Okay I will stop being so abstract now!

4 thoughts on “where i’m at

  1. Michelle I think you hit the nail on the head! Much like blogging…if you’re trying to make money from it from the get go, I think it can be quite apparent. I think your photographs are beautiful and you really capture moments and feelings, even with your instagrams.

    Also that little pull quote you’ve included…looks like you should be a writer too!

  2. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, I found it at a time when I was trying to get my English better, but it is the simple and true honesty that emanates from your posts and your pictures that always makes me come back.

  3. Embrace the abstract. I love this. I’ve always struggled with the opposite idea – how to make money from my art haha, I’ve never been able to restrict the way I take photos – I either want to take the photo (and I do) or I don’t and I can’t, I’ve never been able to force anything with it – I’m almost just along for the ride. Which means that my results don’t necessarily please everyone – in fact they mostly just please me. Go along for the ride too Michelle, I think you’ll love it and never look back 🙂

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