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Hiroshima was a strange sort of experience in that it is a city which has carried on with life. It is hard to think that a city which was practically destroyed 70 years ago would still be here and life carried on. I think it is a symbol of the resilience of the human spirit to overcome horrors many of us could only imagine.

We only spent a day in the city but I am glad we did. I feel I would have missed out on a very eye opening experience if I hadn’t. The museum dedicated to the impact of the A-bomb and a continued wish for peace was really interesting as well as quite harrowing.

p.s. the building in the second picture was under where the bomb exploded. Approximately 5 buildings remained standing after the A-bomb went off for a radius of (If I remember) 10 kilometres. So everything in the city centre is new. The islands in the river have been dedicated to a peace memorial park which is quite lovely to stroll around.

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  1. WOW. I read The Day of the Bomb by Karl Bruckner as a child and it made quite an impression of me; I can only imagine how it would feel to walk through the streets of a city that had gone through such destruction and yet is now standing.
    I wonder how the locals feel when they look at the remains of the buildings that were left standing after the bomb — do you think they are just part of the skyline for them? I cannot imagine walking by and not feeling scarred by what the buildings represent, but mankind has a way to become accustomed to even the toughest things.

    1. I feel like it is much like any place where life does just carry on. The city has built up around this central spot and I would say that the buildings are not obvious against the skyline (only 3 buildings actually survived at all within the a pretty large radius). I think they have made a very positive statement about it – walking through the piece park and seeing the wishes for piece. I haven’t read the book but it sounds interesting.

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