Hi, I am Michelle. I was born in Cape Town, moved to London when I was 21 where I lived for almost 9 years before jumping ship to warmer climates in Italy. I live in Trieste. If you don’t know where that is don’t worry I had to look it up when my husband got his job here. It sits on ‘the cuff of the boot’, bordering Slovenia. I am a photographer in the making though do a ‘normal’ job to pay the bills and fuel my travel lust. I love my husband, gelato, breakfast and peanut butter (in that order).

So why do I blog?

I started blogging over four years ago because I just loved reading blogs and decided I needed to be a more active participant. As well as being a record of my life and my photographic journey, I found that blogging helped me live a more creative life. A life of making and doing. A life where I seek to experience more everyday adventures which can be just as rewarding and beautiful as bigger adventures.

Why should you stick around?

I hope this space will encourage and inspire readers to live creatively too; by trying a new craft, a new recipe, travelling (even if it is just down the road) and picking up a camera to capture it all. I love sharing my knowledge and though I am not currently able to run photography walk-shops like I did in London I love to share photography tips and challenges in this little space. Plus you can get some excellent travel tips (like where to get the best gelato in Venice), get some foodie inspiration and be motivated to see the world differently or try something new. I occasionally talk about blogging too because it is such a big part of my life.

Interested in working with me?