Hi, I’m Michelle.

flower crown michelle

Born in South Africa, I have spent my adult life in London and have just moved to Italy. A photographer, an environmentalist, a lover of all things Italian, a carboot shopper enthusiast and obsessed with gelato, peanut butter and brunch foods.

  • When I was 10 I used to love art class
  • When I was 12 the academic subjects won out in the “you’ll need this when you grow up” evaluation
  • When I was 18 I bought my first digital camera.  It died sometime later on a beach in Cornwall.
  • When I was 21 I decided to see the world and moved to a place where I knew no one (Hello London). I still haven’t seen enough of the world and don’t know that I ever will, but will continue trying.
  • When I was 26 I discovered blogging and it changed my life (no exaggeration). Blogging has helped me rediscover the creativity I loved as a child.  It has given me the confidence to pursue a career as a photographer. It has introduced me to a host of lovely people. And so much more.
  • When I was 29, I moved to Italy where my fiance landed a teaching job.
  • I am now 30, married, and working out how to live a creative life of adventure.

The blog

This blog is a record of my way of capturing a creative life.  My photographic journey as well as my creative endeavours (baking, crafting, exploring and more) and life in general. (It is called “my creative” because MY are my initials). I also want to share with you tips on photography so you can capture your world and creative challenges to help you explore and learn.


When I take a great photo I feel sublimely happy.  When I see the impact that photo has on someone else I feel honoured.  I am available for portraitsstyled shoots and event photography.  My photos have appeared in Cereal MagazineMollie Makes and 91 Magazine.  If you are interested in working with me please get in touch by email or via my contact page.  You can also visit my portfolio site.

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p.s. thanks Natalie for the picture.