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We had our first summer visitor this week and we did a little bit of exploring. The weather put on a great show and we had to head to the beach. Now, when I say “beach” this is a bit different to what I grew up with at home, ie sand gradually giving way to sea, with waves either gentle or aggressive. The beaches here are cement stretches that turn to rocks with a drop into water where you can’t touch the ground. I have to say though, that even though the beaches themselves might not be as pretty to photograph I prefer the fact that I don’t get sand all over me when applying sunscreen and that there aren’t really waves which I am still kind of nervous of as an adult. Plus the water is much warmer than that in Cape Town.

We decided to take a little boat trip across the harbour to the fishing village of Muggia. I hadn’t yet visited so it was new for me too, which is always fun.

The beach is a strip that admittedly looks onto the industrial complex that stretches between Trieste and Muggia although the water itself is clear and lovely! It is the village itself that is quite lovely. We didn’t go into any of the churches (as we were in shorts) and ignored the sign for the medieval castle assuming it would probably just be a shell. After wondering around and snapping pictures for about 15 minutes we simply found somewhere to eat and settled down for about an hour in the heat of the day.

muggia pescheria muggia green muggia trattoria splendor

We settled on ‘Trattoria Splendor’ which seemed like somewhere the locals headed and had a simple but delicious pasta with mushrooms. The lady (who we assumed was the owner) thought we were absolutely crazy for wanting to sit outside (in the shade) when it was so cool inside. After muttering a lot while taking our orders she promptly sent her husband out with our drinks and food. He was a delightful flirty old gent of the kind that you find quite endearing. I would recommend anyone to try it out if you just so happen to be in the area, the menu is predominantly meaty however.

I’m looking forward to heading back with other visitors in the coming months, and maybe I’ll duck inside one of the churches.

happy friday

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Friday feelings:

  • It is a bit strange being back in London. Home but not home. Familiarity but wow do things change quickly.
  • Missing Tim while I am in London. I am such a sap.
  • Thinking about Love Languages. Ché suggested the book to me and I read it on the plane to London. The idea is pretty simple – that we each ‘feel’ love and ‘speak’ love through a specific love language. Mostly couples don’t share the same love language and this can lead to issues in the relationship. I think after over nine years together Tim and I are fine but it does give some insight into our actions towards each other and I am happy to always work at making each other loved.
  • Grateful for friends that stay up late at night when journeys take longer than planned and that shops in London stay open past 8pm when there is nothing to eat at my departure airport and Ryanair has neither sandwiches or cutlery to eat the cooked meals they do have available on the plane. Plus all my other lovely people in London.

Weekend links:

Have a lovely weekend!

p.s. how amazing is that pink on that peony. Seriously was that colour.

happy friday

carnations carnations carnations

This week I am grateful for:

  • Friends who bring flowers as gifts when you invite them over for dinner.
  • Just one of those days that are so simple but so beautiful that you just can’t help but smile and you get ‘what a wonderful world’ stuck in your head.
  • I loved seeing all the happy flowers and faces with #primaveracrowns (feel free to submit some more over the next week)

Links for the weekend

Have a springful weekend!

happy friday

happy friday london bound

This week I am grateful for:

  • The fact that I will be on a plane this afternoon, London bound and I get to see so many of my lovely people
  • I was going through my blog before this one and went back to the first few posts. Man has my photography improved. There is hope for everyone! I’m working on a few photography posts so stay tuned (or leave a comment if there is anything that you are interested in learning about).
  • Feeling the blogging bug again – more behind the scenes stuff at the moment but I think we will back in full swinging motion from February.

I have lots of links for you this weekend:

I have to say I was terrible with my mini-intentions this past week. But you know sometimes you have off weeks. As I am heading off for a break (from what I am not quite sure) my intentions this week are simply to enjoy being with friends and family and saying hi to London, connecting with people who inspire me and coming back revitalised to take actions.

decorating from a distance

I currently have two homes! One is the flat that I am living in with my housemate until the end of the month when our lease ends. The other is our new flat in Italy where Tim is installed and I have only seen through a plethora of photos kindly provided by the former tenant. This is likely to be the only time in my life I can say that.

So, I am currently decorating our Italian flat that I have never physically seen, from a distance, on a limited budget, with the restriction of furnished property (in the style of grandma-meets-early-90s-Ikea). My current aesthetic is grey/neutrals Nordic-minimalism (yes I know, original) and this flat doesn’t quite agree with that. It has some great features like lots of light and parquet flooring in the lounge and bedroom but also a blue tiled bathroom, the bedroom has an excess of shiny black and/or mirrored wardrobes and generally the storage solutions are very strangely placed. I am by no means an interior styling mavin so this is going to be a challenge. Once I get there I will share some progress pictures on how I go about making it home, but in the meantime I thought I would share some inspiration.

First up is the bedroom cupboard solution. I had thought of getting some ‘renters’ wallpaper but unfortunately though it is beautiful it is a bit beyond the budget. (If you are thinking of some options Joanna suggested Photowall and Surface View which both look to have awesome products). Instead I am pondering a simple solution of sticking pictures to the cupboard! I am thinking a monochromatic palette would work well. The question is whether I go for polaroid type prints or larger images.


In the blue bathroom I had originally thought of going for some grey accessories (brave I know) but then thought hey let’s go all colourful in this and maybe the blue will look less … ‘blue’. Tim was able to pick up a flamingo shower curtain at Ikea and I think some other quirky splashes of colour will certainly make for fun.

colourful-bathroom-solutions I am also having a basket obsession and hoping I will be able to find some for random storage around the flat, including at the front door if I am able to evict a particularly dated entrance stand.


Have you had any rental quirks that you have found good solutions for? I’d love to hear about them. Links welcomed!

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considering-objectives-and-needs-mycreative With emerging business ideas I have been reading several books recently on various business elements. Sometimes there are handy tips which I think are relevant to blogging too. I thought I might do the occasional post sharing some of the ‘pearls of wisdom’ that I glean from the pages.

Most recently, I read Content Strategy for the Web by Kirstina Halvorson and Melissa Rach.  The book does focus on advice for larger organisations who are looking to improve their web content and it looks at cross company ways of dealing with content strategy.  So honestly, the bulk of the book wasn’t applicable to me, the sole person responsible for what goes up on my site (except with Posts Production where Tim is also producing content).  However, there was enough to keep me interested.  For example, I am thinking I might “audit” my content after things quiet down a little to help me clean up broken links and see what is popular, where people are coming from and more.

In particular, I have found myself thinking about the following statement:

Generally speaking content is more or less worthless unless it does one or both of the following:

- Supports a key business objective

- Fulfills your users’ needs

Now, I have no great plans for suddenly monetising my site and making a fortune from it but I am of the mentality that when I do something I like to do it as well as I can and (honestly) as a reward for putting that effort in I would like to increase my readership.

So I thought I would share my objectives and what readers’ needs I hope to fulfill through my blog.

To clarify, objectives are specific outcomes that I hope to achieve by sharing my life on the blog.  This is quite hard as blogging for me started as a personal thing and really I don’t want it to become some crazy goal driven pursuit which yanks all the enjoyment out of it.  That said I would like to:

  1. Double my unique visits to the site in the next six months
  2. Find a fellow blogger to collaborate with on style posts
  3. Always answer “yes” when I ask myself whether I am proud to share a post.

In terms of readers’ needs I considered what I want to get from reading blogs that are similar to mine (although I would love to know if you feel there is something else):

  1. Gain a sense of connection and community
  2. Learn about where to go in London and on holiday
  3. Be inspired by healthy, vegetarian recipes
  4. Gets tips on improving their own photography
  5. Be inspired by my photography and content

With those in mind I have a few new posts and series that I am working on.

I’d love to hear some of your ideas too if you are up for sharing.