colour seasons for mycreative blog

I am currently doing the Blog Boss ecourse from Decor8 and am feeling super inspired by it. We all get into creative slumps and I felt mine had stuck around to long so when I saw this course was available I jumped on it. I had heard so many good things about Holly’s previous courses so knew I was onto something good.

Several things have stood out for me so far (and it is only half way):

Colour Psychology

not the quirky thing from the 80s which told you what colours you should wear but really just a way of categorising personalities or (in this case) brands. It is totally changing the way I am looking at my blog and what I want to do with it! If you want to find out about it head over to The Brand Stylist where there are several posts on the subject.

Time management

I don’t have a very busy life but don’t seem to get stuff done so I asked Holly who blogs almost daily, has a new baby, writes books etc how she does it. Her answer was really simple and definitely something I am looking into incorporating into my blog and other aspects of my life. When a window of time presents itself just aim to get one thing done. I find that I always think “I have so much to do” panic and do nothing so I think this simple approach will help (although internal struggles might continue).

The picture above is the one project that I needed to get done before going away for the weekend (off to Ljubljana!). I had to make a mood board of my blog’s ‘season’ for my homework for the course. It was so fun doing a physical moodboard with objects I might get addicted. Admittedly I did spend the bulk of the morning handlettering my blog name which was fun. As you can see I have already made some changes around here but there is a little way to go. I am really excited about!

Do you find these helpful? Share with me what has inspired you this week. I would love to know!

how to peel a pomegranate


Have you ever tried to peel a pomegranate? Not too easy, right? A little while ago I read this handy trick which makes it much less laborious. So when I was making my breakfast on Sunday I asked Tim if he wanted to make a little video so I could share it with you.

What do you think? Does this make life easier for you? Or do you have an even better trick?

1day12pics with a fuji instax camera

For #1day12pics on Saturday I thought I would take out the Fuji Instax camera that we had got for the wedding and have a play around.

a photo an hour in october - #1day12pics

I have to admit that they are definitely not one an hour. Things get a bit harder when you have guests staying with you. But at least there were 12 pictures. Actually our day was very much the last #1day12pics. We lazed around in the morning, went for coffee and then onto the tram and up the mountain with our guests who were staying before heading back to down for lunch and gelato. I didn’t end up taking pictures in the evening as we were running to the station to take our guests to their train and then waited at the station for my Mum to arrive, who is staying with us for the week.

I learnt a couple things about the camera while using it.

> An instax camera is not instagram. Don’t try and take pictures of your food. Especially not in anything that isn’t full on sunshine (as the flash will go off).

> The flash will go a bulk of the time. Instead of getting the golden light in the early morning I got a picture which was quite stark but still quite interesting. In fact our bedroom door looked very much like the sea when you put it on the side.

> What you will see through the frame is smaller than what the camera will capture. You have to hold your eye a little bit away from the viewfinder and I imagine the viewfinder is a little off anyway. Eventually I realised that I had to get closer in to something than I might think.

> When you close the lens (ie switch it off) it goes back to the default setting (which is ‘interior’. This means if you forget and are outside the picture will be overexposed. You can see I did this twice.

> The camera works best for bright images. Although from using it at our wedding as the ‘photo booth’ it is also great for portraits at night with the flash.

Have you got an instax? Any tips? Or looking to get one perhaps? It is a lot of fun although I don’t think I will use it quite in the same way again. Perhaps I need a specific project. Any ideas for that?

#1day12pics | october

1day12pics announcement for september

It was so utterly amazing how many people took part in #1day12pics this month. It certainly isn’t the biggest hashtag challenge in the world but it does make me very happy to see all the people join in. So the next one is this Saturday, so join in if you can.

As my own theme didn’t work too well this month I thought I would see if I could spot any themes coming from the participants. What do you think?


The Fruit Collection: The Digital Iris | Lauren Hairston | Growing Spaces | Maybush Studio | Bnourished | Poet’s Peregrinatio | Yasmin Chopin

The Black and White Collection: Changing Pages | @EmmaDaviesphoto | aperture64 | Crumbs in the Bed

I think this month I might go off instagram and take some ‘real’ photos, though I am sure I won’t be able to resist sharing a few.

weekend diptychs


It was one of those lovely weekends. We had friends visiting. We explored. Went to the beach at sunset. Ate lots of food. Drank lots of tea.

Two diptychs: One is from beginning of the weekend and the other the end.


1day12pics-september-1-mycreative 1day12pics-september-2-mycreative 1day12pics-september-3-mycreative 1day12pics-september-4-mycreative

Wow I can’t believe how many people took part in our September #1day12pics. It was so great to see. Do head over to some of the other people who took part too.

I didn’t have a perfect ‘per hour’ day but the sentiment was still there. It was mostly pretty relaxed with not much happening in the morning, then heading out for coffee, grabbing something to eat from a street market that had popped up and then heading up to the mountains for a lovely long walk. I finished the day off doing some lettering and making a poster of my new daily motto.

I did try to work a theme of shapes but it did feel a bit forced so although some did reflect it I don’t think the theme was as helpful this month as it has previously been for me. I really need to come up with a theme before hand rather than deciding what it is after the second picture!