#1day12pics | a photo an hour in december


Well still not 12 pictures (it is really hard in winter, am I right?), but a little look into my day all the same. Mostly quiet with a little bit of reflection going on, a little bit of learning of Italian, and a little wander around town and some Christmassy-ness, including a gathering of musical Santas.

Plus two of my new favourite foods. Persimmon and a lazy type of cottage pie with a mixture of lentil ragu and a cauliflower/sweet potato mash. I literally boil a large head of cauliflower and a sweet potato and blend them up.

As a last minute Emma and I decided to send some snail mail to our favourite #1day12pics of the year. I’ll be in touch once we have been through the images.

let’s learn composition | framing


Okay so it took me a while to get to the next ‘lesson’ but better late than never, right?

In the last lesson I noted

“composition helps us to highlight our subject. When rules aren’t followed the subject might have to compete for attention with other items in the frame therefore diminishing the ‘quality’ of your picture. Obviously rules are also meant to be broken but knowing the rules means you can be intentional about breaking them.”

This time around I am looking at framing. Framing is simply using something to ‘frame’ your subject and therefore draw the eye to them. This idea started long before photography in paintings where the subject(s) are often placed in windows, door frames or arches.

Lets look at some photographs as examples…

framing-silhouette-tunnel framing-doorway framing-window

There are so many opportunities for framing: windows, doorways, tunnels. But it doesn’t stop there.

framing-curtain framing-stars framing-unusual framing-trees-and-people

Also look for frames that are a little different. Go for something a bit subtle. Or go for a more unusual shape. Use people and anything that is around you. (Necklace by Lotts and Lots).


Sometimes you can even use a frame! (styling by Charlotte Love)


Framing your object obviously doesn’t happen every time you take a picture. However, if there is a frame opportunity happening make sure you make the most of it. The photo above could have been better if I had shifted so that both subjects sat in the doorway.

What do you think?

Do you use framing? Share an image where you have used framing in an interesting way.

steller stories challenge

steller stories challenge

A little while ago I downloaded Steller Stories and then several weeks later posted my first story, which has been my only story. I really love the app, it kind of feels like a more involved version of Instagram. Plus, it is a great way to practise the art of a photo project too. But I wanted to get more up there. So I decided to create a ‘Steller Stories Challenge’ for myself with a prompt for each week in November. But I thought you could join me too!

>>>Weekly challenges<<<

Week 1: Beautiful day

Week 2: Breakfast shouldn’t be boring

Week 3: My favourites

Week 4: Leave your suggestions and I’ll announce my favourite prompt the week before!

I am going to try and post my app by Sunday but as with most of my challenges they are pretty relaxed so join in whenever.

If you haven’t used the app before it is really easy. Kind of like making a photo album online with a company like Blurb or Artifact Uprising. There are some template options, you can change fonts, etc. You can also edit your story once you are done so you don’t have to worry if you make any mistakes. Plus the team is really helpful if you post on twitter with a question. I had responses via email within a very short time!

I’d love if some people would join me. If you are on Steller leave your username in the comments and I will come find you. I am @mycreative. Also tag your photo with #mycreativesteller so I can find your project.

Give me your thoughts on the app too.


#1day12pics | november

1day12pics announcement for september

Another month has rolled on by and that means that #1day12pics is coming up this weekend! The official day is Saturday 1 November but you can join in whenever you want.

I am not sure exactly where I will be on Saturday as it is a long weekend here (Friday and Monday off) or what I will shoot on but maybe I will go back to a dslr this week, or maybe even film …

Do you have any ideas? Let me know if you are planning a theme or will be somewhere exciting for the weekend?

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