eat & snap walk-shops

eat and snap photo workshops

When I lived in London I ran some ‘walkshops’. Maybe I will run some again …

If you want to read more about it check here

This is what some people have said

“I had such a lovely day – and I can fully recommend this walkshop to anyone regardless of photography level – I came away from the Walkshop feeling super inspired and making a promise to myself to take my SLR with me more often on my adventures and to snap away… on manual! I loved all your tips and your peaceful and gentle teaching manner.” Che from Indie Berries

“Michelle explained everything in a way which was so simple and easy to understand it actually meant I retained the information instead of thinking about what I wanted for dinner instead!” – Charlotte from Lotts and Lotts

“Proud to say, I am now 100% on board with my manual mode. Go me (…with lots of help from Michelle)!” – Elena from Randomly Happy

“Judging by how great the day panned out and having met so many like-minded creative enthusiasts I think I can confidently say she’ll be running more of these in the future – and if she does, it’s one I urge you to partake in!” – Made by Molu

“I really recommend Eat and Snap, either as a beginner or as a more experienced one who’s lost their photo mojo. I think in the age of online learning we can miss out a lot on one to one experiences, getting out there and learning from your peers is so much more rewarding.” – Siobhan from Bless the Weather

“I had  more than a few light bulb moments and picked up numerous tips.” – Born and Bred Studio

“We snapped away and Michelle answered all our questions. If you’re in London and curious about some photography basics, I would definitely try and take part as well.” – Hanna from Hanna’s Places

“By the end of the day I definitely felt as though I had more confidence in using my camera.” – Katie from Shoestring Splendour

“Michelle was on hand to help us out with our aperture and shutter settings. It was great to be with a bunch of people who were all interested in the same thing as me, and were happy to take their time wandering, looking, shooting, enjoying…” – Claire from The Digital Iris

“Although this was at least the third photography ‘course’ I’ve done, I definitely learned something new. Michelle’s a great teacher, and it’s always fun to meet other bloggers.” – Lynne from Papermash

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