titian la schiavona

When we were in London last we visited the National Gallery and on our wanders I came across one of Titian’s portraits known as La Schiavona (The Dalmation Woman). I loved the colours (this picture seemed to reflect reality more than some other images on the web which were more red) and the forthright stance of the woman. This video from the National Gallery describes it as an allegory for woman.

It is great inspiration for a photo shoot.

Maybe I will have a chance to visit her again while I am in London this week.

primavera crowns

primavera crowns primavera crowns primaveracrowns primavera crown

Yay. It is officially spring  - at least according to the sun and moon (ie today is the spring equinox). In celebration I hope some of you have joined Bethan and me in wearing a flower crown – at least some of the time. Maybe while doing the dishes or working out this morning? I am imaging that I am virtually dancing in a flowery spring meadow with all of you lovely people!

Of course I couldn’t help taking a hundred of pictures of the pretty flowers (though I have maintained some restraint in sharing them there will be more tomorrrow). I haven’t bought carnations for … I think ever, but I think they might be under-rated. What do you think?



We were at our friends’ house yesterday chilling out and watching MTV (much like the picture above…) when Katy Perry’s new song came on, Unconditionally. I like a bit of Katy Perry but I really loved the music video. I didn’t realise how big carnevale season was around here and I am keen to get totally on board next year with a trip to Venice and an animal themed onsie (they seem very popular). I think I might come back to this for a little bit of Venice outfit inspiration. The music video is a mix of carnevale ball, historical military chic and Vogue shoot. I went a bit screen grab crazy for some inspiration boards.

It goes from moody snowiness

unconditionally music video inspiration board 1

To warm golden tones

unconditionally music video inspiration board 2

Some Vogue style slow motion shots


And then exploding flowers and a car crash covered in blooms.


Here is the full music video.

If you are interested in the fashion and inspiration there is an interview with Katy Perry’s stylist. What do you think? Do you want to run away to a beautiful dancing circus?

All images screen grabs from the music video.

spring capture challenge

Capture challenge this month is a bit more detailed and slightly wacky. I was going to go for another 30 day challenge but I am terrible at them and Anna gave me the brilliant idea of doing a weekly challenge for the month instead. Which is genius. Genius!

So a few ideas came into my mind. March is the beginning of Spring, a favourite time of year for me. It is important for me to be mindful of the changes happening in the world around me and to enjoy the shift. For those in the southern hemisphere, autumn has a similar sentiment. For both seasons mother nature really puts on a show. Also there are five Saturdays in the month and so I though there should be five ‘branches’ to the challenge. The first thing that came into my mind was the concept of five elements. This varies across cultures and after a bit of research I settled on the Japanese philosophy. Too weird? I’ll explain.

The challenge is to take a photo (or several) that captures Spring through the eye of an element. Kind of like in university you would analyse something from a certain concept (reading the same text from a post-modern viewpoint or feminist viewpoint).

You don’t have to do them in any particular order, whatever works for you, although I have laid them out in their ‘ascending order of power’. They can be inspired simply by the name or if you prefer by the ‘meaning’ of the element. You can read more about the definitions from Wikipedia and here but briefly:

Earth – represents the hard, solid objects of the earth and the body (such as bones). It is stubbornness and unwillingness to change but also confidence and balance.

Water – represents the flowing and formless things of the earth and the body (such as blood). Plants are a physical object which represent water. It is adaptability, change, flexibility and defensiveness.

Fire – represents the energetic moving forces of the earth such as animals, body heat and metabolism. It is drive and passion and associated with security, motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing nature.

Wind - represents things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement. Is is the human mind as we grow, experience and gain knowledge and the act of breathing. It can be open-mindedness, elusiveness, evasiveness, benevolence, compassion and wisdom.

Void (or Heaven) - those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. It is the spirit, thought, creative energy, spontaneity, inventiveness.

If you want to take part you can do some simply on instagram or posting your pictures and sharing your link. Or there is a google+ community if you want to share over there. If you want to hashtag it use #mycreativespring and for extra giggles #springelements. I’ll do a post in the first week of April so share somewhere or put a link in the comments here if you would like me to link to you.

Who is in?

like you love yourself

like you love yourself

I came across this quote last week and it spoke so much to me that I thought I would write it out and put it on my wall. It is not an easy task to love yourself. I struggle with it. I am critical, put myself down, judge myself and then get into a feeling sorry for myself state of mind, eat a bag of crispy M&Ms and feel bad all over again. I am hoping this will give me some motivation to be kinder to myself emotionally but also be kinder to my body by eating healthy food and exercising. Helping myself in working towards feeling luminous.

How do you eat, move, speak and act like you love yourself?

capture challenge iv - moodboard

So the last capture challenge was to create a mood board of photos that had a cohesive feel and tone. I wanted to create something that had the feeling of contemplation and romanticism with a sense of adventure and exploration. What do you think? Did I get it?

Pictured here are some recent purchases (decorative paper and a notebook), a shoot that I did with Joanne Heckadon (who has been busy working on her shop where I got the ‘adventure’ notebook) and some iphone snaps taken from a moving car while driving through Slovenia. I made one into a watercolour because I love this new app and thinks it rocks as a watercolour.

Claire also took part, sharing her image on the capture challenge group board. If you still want to try it out still leave a comment linking to your post.

I will do the capture challenge five next week. I am thinking another 30 day project (which I am pretty useless at). What do you think?