cy twombly bacchus

While in London the week before the wedding we visited the Tate Modern and wondered into their rooms on ‘Energy and Process’. Cy Twombly is one of my favourite painters and I had some lessons for life reaffirmed while looking at a room of his works including the Bacchus Series.

cy twombly bacchus - go big or go home

>>> Go big or go home. Don’t play small!

cy twombly bacchus - off the edge

>>> Don’t be afraid to go off the ‘edges’ (not in a crazy way but more colour outside the box sense)

cy twombly bacchus - do over

>>> It is okay to paint over and start again

summer intentions

summer intentions

It is going to be an amazing summer. Tim’s summer holiday lasts from tomorrow until the end of August!!! That requires multiple exclamation marks in my opinion. I start working part-time at the school after the summer so I am planning on having a productive and beautiful summer and thought I would write down some intentions so I can keep myself in check.

  1. Find my creativity again. I have not even felt like picking up my camera of late. I am going to play around with a few other crafts. Sit down with paper and colours and explore my creativity.
  2. Make adventures.
  3. As much as I am not enamoured with the idea I definitely need to work on my dissertation.
  4. Switch off the computer and spend time outside.
  5. Read some books. After ages of not reading too much (it is hard when you are studying to justify) I have been reading a bit more lately (procrastinating on writing my dissertation perhaps) and definitely
  6. Feel the sun on my skin.
  7. Regular dips in the ocean.
  8. Make some popsicles (I just need to find popsicle moulds – why didn’t I think to pack them when we moved?).
  9. Eat lots of salads.
  10. Keep exercising.

What about you? Are you planning on anything special this summer?

sunday inspiration - run away to the med

Yes I do live on the Med but not with the hot white sands and white-washed walls that scream Greek holiday to me. I’ve never been but can see myself finding my way down there one of these days with a light summer dress and no cares in the world.

From the Instagram accounts of @corinanika | @cambria_grace | @biancacash

Have you been to Greece? Link me up with posts if you have so I can take a virtual holiday.

sunday inspiration - run away to the jungle

A couple of these came across my screen yesterday and I felt a jungle mood coming on. Instagram is such a great way of finding inspiration. It is the modern equivalent of arm-chair travel.

From the Instagram accounts of: @cultrkpr | @sophielealrlt@jessicakertis@justinablakeney

And here is a song which goes with it

pink mood board

Like most girly girls I’ve always had a bit of a thing for pink. My childhood bedroom was an explosion of pink rose bedding with a pink rose wallpaper border and a white four poster bed. Man I loved that! My tastes have matured a bit from the outright explosion but sadly I don’t think I will ever have a pink room again. The Mr firmly puts his foot down to any pinkiness in the house. But my eye is still attracted by the muted warm tones and I thought I would create a mood board of pinks from the real world caught on my iphone.

pink interior

If I was going to have pink in the house it might be in a beautiful piece of feature furniture, a throw to soften some greys or perhaps the softest blush on the walls that I could almost say was white. Maybe I could get away with a mug or a plate though…

What do you think? Is pink for childhood bedrooms or does it have a place in a modern grown-up home?

image 2 sources: cupboard | throw | wall | plates and mugs

titian la schiavona

When we were in London last we visited the National Gallery and on our wanders I came across one of Titian’s portraits known as La Schiavona (The Dalmation Woman). I loved the colours (this picture seemed to reflect reality more than some other images on the web which were more red) and the forthright stance of the woman. This video from the National Gallery describes it as an allegory for woman.

It is great inspiration for a photo shoot.

Maybe I will have a chance to visit her again while I am in London this week.