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Last night I spent three hours organising a very small corner of my life. Copies of exercises for tutoring (something that I never would have though I would have been doing a year ago). But that isn’t very awesome is it?

I want to share some plans without sounding like a big brag. Is that okay? It is just life is currently pretty awesome and I like to share with you guys. Because I feel that you are some of my people.

We just bought tickets to Japan for “Summer 2015″. I put that as a ‘title’ because our summers are pretty epic with Tim teaching and me on a similar contract we get an amazing two and a half months off. We don’t get paid in that time but I think it is worth it.

We’ve made travelling a priority for the next few years so we are also looking at spending a week with friends in Crete as well as heading back to London in August for three (!!!) weddings.

Oh and we are heading back to South Africa for Christmas but that has been in the pipeline since the beginning of the year.

Prioritising travel means making some adjustments. Taking on some extra tutoring work and being a bit tighter with the budget. But when I question why it is 8pm on a Thursday night and I have three pre-teen boys staring at me questioning whether something is a past participle I can adjust my attitude to ‘how awesome is my friend that passed this on to me so I can have the amazing experience of eating Ramen in Japan!’. Happiness is just an attitude after all, right?

Anyway, if you have any tips for Japan and Crete I’d love to know!

On a side note this is a detail from the picture above which I just thought looked cool. Kind of like a painting.



So a couple weeks ago I posted about non-attachment to technology. I wasn’t 100% successful but I did read a book, met up with friends and created an actual real life mood board. I then read this piece on Wit and Delight about a social media break.

I found the Kate’s thoughts on the connection between social media and depression rather interesting. Perhaps it is choice overwhelm? We live in a time where we want to be connected but want to disconnect. We have more time but don’t use it wisely. Probably as all generations before us we live in a confusing time.

How do we feed these opposing desires? How do we live in the light? I can see that so many of us are trying to do this. Switching off our technologies on the weekends, taking social media breaks. We all joke that we are addicted but we really are. You don’t realise how much sitting at a computer all day every day wears you down until you spend time away from it. And that time away has real benefits not least of all providing real life inspiration. How can we stop getting to the point where we have to get rid of it all though? Is it just human nature (habit?) that we consume until it makes us sick, be it obesity or media?

My efforts towards non-attachments of technology and some more thinking made me realise something. Having your hands on a book or a paint brush, sitting with friends with a glass of red wine in your hands. These are all things which ground you in the present. Yes a computer/phone is a tangible object but perhaps instead of saying no to technology we need to say yes to those other tangible objects.

I continue to make efforts to spend time away from the ‘screen’, hold the tangible, have real conversations, consider daily gratitudes. I feel these all help me live in the present. I really don’t see me giving up social media as I feel I mostly benefit from how I interact with it, but less screen time would certainly not be a bad thing.

Have you felt drained by your technologies? How are you trying to find ‘balance’?

read ‘em and eat


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I’m looking forward to this minimalist gift series from Reading Tea Leaves. There seem to be a couple of these starting, like Lola’s campaign for shopping independent. Here is to a more considered Christmas!

I love this new map series, especially this one on finding out what’s bugging you.

An absolutely beautiful blog. Both the pictures and the words are poetry. Check out Hannah’s instagram too. (Thanks Emma for the find).

A little personal promotion: Some pictures that I took last winter in Slovenia are now up on Heath Magazine’s blog. Let me know what you think!

Also I had my second coaching session with Marie of Kit and Caboodle and this woman is changing my life! If you have been thinking about some coaching you should check her out. Plus she is offering bloggers a special discount code. On a side note I have after several years finally convinced her to start blogging! You can thank me later.

In real life I have recently read “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke. I hadn’t really heard of him until moving to Trieste. One of his most famous anthologies of poems, Duino Elegies, was inspired by a nearby area. The book consists of ten letters that he actually wrote to a young poet giving advice etc. There were lots of words that jumped out at me but the ninth letter in particular spoke to me and I thought might be relevant to other creatives out there.

>>> EAT

Breakfast this morning was French toast, a top five breakfast option in my world. I had it with Nutella because I bought a jar to make dessert for some friends coming around and then they were sick so there is now a jar of Nutella sitting in the cupboard! My challenge this week is to come up with a less carby breakfast for next week. Tim is away for a week though on a work trip so I thought I’d send him off with something nice.

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My challenge to myself in this post was to choose only ten photos to share with you. I got it to eleven. In a nutshell it was a lovely lovely day. I think our smiley faces says it all.

And here are the details in brief:

Photos by my super talented amazing friend Donald Michael Chambers.

Wedding dress created from the imaginings of myself and the sewing machine and patience of Elena. As a side note all wedding dresses should have pockets!

Hair and Makeup done at Blow Ltd.

Food by Cashew Catering, I still think about their romesco sauce and wish I could order their vegan chocolate torte from here.

Cake by my Mum and mini-doughnuts by Cupcakes and Shhht.

Venue for Party: Brixton East. Decorating assistance by a bevy of amazing friends, wreaths by Anna.

Any questions?

1day12pics-a-photo-an-hour-in-november-1 1day12pics-a-photo-an-hour-in-november-2 1day12pics-a-photo-an-hour-in-november-3 1day12pics-a-photo-an-hour-in-november-4 1day12pics-a-photo-an-hour-in-november-5 1day12pics-a-photo-an-hour-in-november-6 1day12pics-a-photo-an-hour-in-november-8

I decided that this #1day12pics I would use my DSLR as I have been using my phone a little bit too much. I didn’t manage to get all my photos on my real camera, with the beginning, middle and end being on my phone. Another relaxing Saturday in Trieste with pancake making, walks, gelato and an evening out with friends.


read ‘em and eat

cherry burek in zagreb

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Love this from Joy the Baker on fear of running out of ideas and where the inspiration comes from: “There is creativity and learning in simply trying to figure it out everyday”

I absolutely love these literally painted flowers from Georgie St Claire.

This post just made me smile.

Some interesting tips on product photography.

This is the reason I want these shoes in my life (cheetah and leopard are kind of the same right?).

How to tell a confident blogger

EAT >>>

We spent a night in Zagreb on Thursday. We ate probably one too many burek (a traditional pastry) but we really enjoyed these cherry ones for breakfast on Friday morning. They are perfect to grab from a bakery for about €1 and enjoy in a lovely square.

What is your favourite breakfast ‘street food’ (ie food you eat on the street as opposed to bought on the street)?