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After my interiors post a little while back, I thought I would share a few interior bits of our flat. Firstly to show myself that it isn’t all that bad but also to share what the reality of living in an Italian rental is and also perhaps get advice from any of my interior style mavin friends out there. So please chip in.

I had planned on sharing a post with you on the whole lounge and what I have done in it but there are a few extra bits I wanted to do first, so today I am just highlighting a little corner.

When you have a whole flat to bring into the 21st century, a plethora of dated and/or clunky furniture and no magical pot of gold to solve your problems it can get a little frustrating. I am not a huge fan of these shelves and how they are laid out (why leave such a tiny gap between them); also just to the right is another cupboard which overlaps marginally on the top shelf. That said I really like how I have decorated them and started to add personal touches to the adjacent wall. The only new things on the shelf are the watercolour of Dubrovnik, which we picked up for €5 from an artist positioned on the city walls, and the wooden houses, which are from a local shop. I want to get more of those, they are sold by weight and work out at about €3 each.

What this spot has helped me realise in practise is that just styling something nicely makes a difference. Who knew? And also that by doing little bits over time adds up. I’ve decided I am going to make or buy something new each month, September I think will be a big print for another wall in the lounge.

read ‘em and eat

read em and eat ricotta honey topped pancake

I’m heading into the last week of my almost year long ‘holiday’. Pretty weird thought. Monday week I start working part-time doing admin at the school where Tim teaches. I am definitely looking forward to having a bit more structure to my life and feel like it is the next step to assimilating more into our life here.

In the meantime we have had another set of friends staying with us for a long weekend and then we head off to Milan for two nights. We needed to go for a bit of ‘personal admin’ and thought we would stay for some exploring as we haven’t been before (leave any tips if you have!).

In the meantime my mind is moving to organising and scheduling and that ‘start of school’ feeling. Feels like a fresh start of a new year. Anyone else’s brain moving this way?


READ ‘EM >>>

  • It seems the whole world has been saddened by the suicide of Robin Williams. I found Russell Brand’s thoughts on his death are really touching.
  • With all my thinking of blogging lately this post came up which is great for getting your blog ‘fit’.
  • How amazing is this 10 year old cookie mogul. I need to be more stylish!
  • Anybody that has been asking me about food photography tips – well the job has been done by Edible Perspectives in an ongoing series that is just brilliant.
  • Do you love a good moodboard? I love a good moodboard. Love this lady’s mini project of 60 moodboards in 60 days.
  • If you don’t follow Humans of New York on facebook I really think you should! Brandon (they photographer behind the page) is currently touring several countries with the UN and the stories of people’s he captures is just so beautiful.
  • Love this styling the season idea which you can join in on.
  • Instagrammers to follow: I am particularly fond of @charlottelovely‘s videos. So clever!

In real life I have been paging through some Max&Co catalogues which have both Italian and English and so am picking up a few words. Like how “stash” is translated as “riserva segreta” (secret reserve).

EAT >>>

Fluffy buckwheat pancakes, ricotta and honey. Definitely a winning combination!

read ‘em and eat

read em and eat

So I decided to shake my ‘happy fridays’ post series. From now on there will be a Sunday post where I share some links from the week with the added bonus of a breakfast idea, simply because breakfast is my favourite meal. It took me a while to come up with the title but I’m quite chuffed with it. I’m such a weirdo!


Off the computer I started the week reading a trashy chick lit that I took to the beach but just couldn’t bear to continue. I am ending the week re-reading ‘Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere’ by Jan Morris. I read it before I moved and thought it would be interesting to read again having lived here for about 10 months.

EAT >>> Today Wednesday’s breakfast is featured. My friend who is visiting made us scrambled eggs and I made beans to reduce bread intake for the day as we were heading to the beach for a picnic, which of course would involve bread.

p.s. If you want to know what makes me happy follow me over on Instagram. I started to feel that a list of what made me happy didn’t really need to be shared here but it does sit more happily in with Instagram. I really find that I am enjoying the ‘microblogging’ nature of Instagram.

blog thinking and linking mycreative

This is more like a speaking aloud to myself kind of post, but you can skip to the bottom for some links if you aren’t interested in my ramblings about what I want this blog to be…

On twitter you might have noticed me asking random blog related questions, going through archives, etc. You know when you cut your hair and you get rid of all the yuck bits and start fresh. I kind of feel like doing that with my blog, but what a waste that would be. So I am just muddling along pondering how I can make my blog feel fresh and new without jumping ship. (Got to love some mixed metaphors).

I wrote a post over a year ago about blog strategy and readers’ needs. Interestingly, I think my thoughts here are still pretty much the same but I have kind of got side-tracked and don’t know that I am always sharing my ‘best’ here. So I want to work on that. Plus I don’t live in London anymore.

This past year has been a strange one and I kind of got stuck but I am ready to work on things.

For me this is a space to record bits of my life (I love having a space where I can look back on things I have done and achieved which are so easily forgotten), improve my writing and photography and learn new skills but also to build a community, to inspire other people and share my knowledge with my readers – whether that is a great recipe idea, some photography tips, the must visit gelaterias in Venice or just some links from around the web. I am hoping to bring you more of all of these and work at improving the quality.

Importantly I don’t intend to make money from my blog from sponsored posts or advertising etc, but perhaps I would like this blog to showcase some of my abilities and help me to work with people. We shall see ….

I’m still planning though so in the meantime here is some reading for the weekend:

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

home inspiration portrait collection

Every few months my attention turns to decorating my flat. I scour pinterest, stare at the walls for hours and ponder what to do. Sadly, not much happens from that point as generally the budget does not stretch to do the things I dream.

That doesn’t stop me dreaming though. Of late, I particularly like these collections of portraits on the wall. Either a single one in an unexpected place or as a gallery wall. I am thinking a collection might work well stacked on the shelves above our bed. The furniture in the bedroom is really ‘peculiar’ with a shiny black finish and odd layout. I have done very little to the bedroom but am keen to stamp some of our own personality on it.

I’m hoping I can start building a collection from the variety of vintage shops that are around in Trieste but cost might mean I just end up with one. Although something like this looks grand.

Images: 1 | 2 (via) | 3 | 4 (link is broken – anyone know original source?) | 5

happy friday

happy friday light on trieste's buildings

Another Friday has rolled around. It must be the most said line in the English language but wow time flies. On Sunday we have already been married a month! Tim has been giving some English lessons all week but is finished today so we are planning a “home-moon” for the next week before some friends arrive to visit us. We are planning on going out for dinner dates, trying out new coffee shops and apertivo bars, exploring nearby towns and walks we haven’t yet ventured on and spending a day or two at the beach. So kind of the things you would do on honeymoon. I would love any ideas of what you did (or might do) on your honeymoon so that I can bring into our week.

Aside from that here are some links for your weekend perusal:

  • An older blog post that I came across on pinterest about “the Kinfolk life“. Definitely worth remembering (especially when you look at your rental home and bemoan the fact that it is not your dream home).
  • In the same vain I love Lulu’s post about creating amazing spaces with what you have. Definitely need to experiment with this in our flat.
  • Some interesting thoughts on blogging and data.
  • If you are into yoga you might want to enter this competition, plus I love Freya’s stealth method of exercise.
  • I love the imagination that is used in making this tiny house, particularly the kitchen. I really think that constraints make for the best promoters of creativity.

Happy weekend all!