eat and snap | broadway market

broadway market fresh produce tartan on broadway market purple on broadway market broadway market flowers and photos Saturday I hosted my last London based Eat and Snap for the year. It was a different mix of people to usual with some non-bloggers who came along. It was great to have a different perspective on the day.

We headed to Broadway Market, starting with breakfast at the Market Cafe which made some pretty wicked lemony ricotta pancakes.  Despite the Market on it didn’t seem crazy busy so I suggest if you are heading to the market and don’t want to wonder around on a hungry stomach you head here first.

After breakfast and my normal ‘walk through’ of settings we headed out into the market. I haven’t been for a while and was glad I got the chance to visit before heading off. I’m pretty sure there is more variety of products, when I used to visit years ago it was just food (or is my memory fading). The shops along the street are also super cute and I could spend a fortune in the magazine/bookstore near the beginning of the road.  Markets are a great place to practice photography as there as a lot going on and people aren’t always paying attention to the person with the camera.

As mentioned there won’t be anymore Eat and Snaps this year but if you are interested in finding about any happenings from Spring next year sign up to the mailing list.

There are also still two places left on the Paris Eat and Snap which is happening in October.


local london | hampstead

hampstead sundial house For ages now I have had an idea for a series on the blog about London. Now that I am leaving I am finally going to do some although I fear it might be left hanging. I love London and there are little neighbourhoods which you often never discover because they aren’t necessarily ‘destinations’ or have a ‘must see sight’ but they have a lot going for them and if you found yourself in the area would be glad you knew about them so you could stop by for a wander, a pint or a little bit of light shopping.

The first in the series is probably an area you have heard about at least: Hampstead. I lived in a hostel in this beautiful north London suburb when I first moved to England. The hostel itself was nothing spectacular but it sure had a great location.

map of hampstead

A visit to Hampstead can be quite a full day with a walk around the Heath, a visit to Keat’s House and a wonder around the Village near the heath or around the tube station. There are several bus options, an overground train and the tube so you won’t have any problems getting here. If you get off at the tube station there is a lovely high street with several familiar high street chains but also some hidden gems. It is often referred to as Hampstead Village and it certainly has buckets of Victorian village charm with quaint houses and pretty pedestrian walkways.

Hampstead Holly Mount House Hampstead Holly Bush Public House There are some great pubs. I would suggest the Holly Bush which does a mean Sunday nut roast and is just off the main drag.  Flask on Flask Walk also has some great traditional interiors and a good selection of pub food.  Flask Walk is home to a selection of vintage shops, hairdressers, an ice-cream shop, florist and about the most amazing second hand bookshop I have ever been in.

Hampstead Flask Walk Bric-a-brac on Flask Walk Hampstead Outside the bookshop a lovely gentlemen also sells some bric-a-brac. On our recent trip I picked up three stoneware plates for a snip.

Hampstead antiques emporium Hampstead coffee guy If you have a bit more of a budget head to the Hampstead Antiques Emporium for a gorgeous selection of vintage treasures and grab a coffee from the gentlemen who has a cart at the top of the alley (although he is looking to open a little shop in the same alley so let me know). He really seemed to know his stuff and Tim and I got a lesson in coffee in preparation for our departure to Italy.

La Creperie de Hampstead Hampstead crepe Now the most important thing you have to do when you visit Hampstead is visit La Creperie so make sure you leave some space after your visit to the pub. It is just outside the King William IV pub. Unless you go during the day in the week there will be a queue and it will be long and slightly slow but the wait will be worth it. Persevere! They are freshly made with a selection of toppings and are really good. Sweet or savoury, up to you, but I suggest the chocolate nut crunch.

Have you been to Hampstead before? Let me know if you have any other must-dos.

pizza loving

pizza pilgrim food van pizza franca manco pizzaI have been having a lot of pizza of late.  This poster seemed appropriate.  I do love pizza. I wouldn’t say I am a connoisseur but don’t tell me Pizza Hut or Dominos are good.

I generally prefer the Roman style crust (think and flakey) but the Neapolitan (slightly more doughy and chewy) seems to be rising in popularity.

I’ve tried a few new places recently:

Pizza Pilgrim. I tried this at a Google event and was incredibly impressed by the street van which made a pizza in about 2 minutes with a super hot oven. I was then happy to find when wondering around Soho shortly after that they have just opened a restaurant on Dean Street.  I went with Freya a couple weeks ago and wasn’t disappointed.  This is good Neapolitan pizza! Plus I love how the menu has instructions on eating pizza Italian style – hands and folding required.

Franco Manca. This has been on my to try list for ages and with a day off the other day Tim and I headed down. We each had a very generous sized pizza at a very reasonable price. I can’t remember exactly what mine was but it had a lot of cheese which was delicious. If you are in Brixton I would definitely suggest you try it out, although I might try one of their other locations before I head off.

Home Slice. I headed to this new Covent Garden pizzeria on the recommendation of Jo. It is a great option for meeting a small group of friends as they do giant pizzas for £20 with a half and half option. Or head out for a lunch date and just have a slice.  There is a board with the pizza options for the day with a good selection of vegetarian options. Definitely There is nothing else on the menu (no dessert even) and the drinks are beer or prosecco on top (and I assume some juices maybe?).

Piccolo Forno. If you try to go to Pizza Pilgrim and the queue is just to long head around the corner to this less trendy option. The pizzas are well sized, tasty and reasonably priced. The service is friendly and you are likely to get a seat!

Also recommended:

If you find yourself in Wimbledon I highly recommend Al Forno which serves massive pizzas (you really only need to order a small! Do not go for the medium unless you plan on sharing! Perhaps not the best pizza in the world but the atmosphere is always interesting.

I visited Pizza East a while ago and really enjoyed it but it was a bit on the pricier side. Worth a visit if you find yourself in the vicinity of one.

eat outside | southbank roof garden

bumble_bee One thing I love about London in the summer is how it comes alive and has a buzz to it. Nowhere do you quite feel this as on the Southbank. This year the lovely folk over at the Southbank have created a garden on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.  I have been visiting it quite regularly: almost weekly to have a regular meet up with my post-grad uni friends and on the weekends with Tim and his mum when she visited from South Africa.

It is amazing how the garden has grown over the last few months and it is looking absolutely gorgeous at the moment with a great selection of plants and buzzy creatures.

It is a perfect spot for sitting and enjoying the lovely weather.  You can buy a beverage from the roof bar but they don’t serve food so you can bring your own.  With my uni mates we have been bringing a pot luck picnic whilst enjoying a bottle of rose or some elderflower cordial.

Here is a little video I made to show you how absolutely lovely it is.

charity haul ii

brownie-reflex-mycreative tea-cups-mycreative

I obviously don’t have experience of all of England’s charity shops but I think Wimbledon quite possibly has the best selection.  We have a growing number of ‘goods’ from the generous number of them on the high street.  Some of my recent finds include:

An old Brownie Reflex camera which I couldn’t resist getting. I have seen that you can still get the film for it (although only from America from my minimal research, and with a hefty price tage).  Should I? Shouldn’t I?

An expanding collection of crockery including my growing jug collection and the cute little cups above..

A new rug!  For the last 6 years I have been looking for a rug that both Tim and I can agree on and that we can afford.  Despite being slightly pricier than my normal charity shop finds it is apparently a handmade Tunisian rug and is pretty large. Budget allowing I probably wouldn’t have gone for the colour it is but It will do for now (translate the next 6 years).

Another chair for our dining room table. (We have a nice eclectic mix).

I’ve also picked up a Whistles stripe tshirt, a DKNY scarf and some presents for friends.  The great thing about charity shop shopping is that it is great at giving that shopping buzz with a much lower price tag.

Can your high street compete? Let me know so I can come and visit!

Sincerely, Addicted to the Thrift




vintage-cat-mycreative It was a busy one.

There was a giant pizza, two brunches, three gelatos and an ice-cream (have I told you I am on the 5:2 diet, no? more on that later).  The cat was from the most amazing vintage warehouse on Maltby Street which is massive, full of beautiful stuff I can’t afford, and a makeshift dance studio filled with vintage chairs and drapes like some gorgeous looking bordello!

You should try: Home Slice (thanks Jo for the recommendation) and La Gelateria (after trying their tartufo with chocolate and hazelbut at Maltby Street on Saturday I went and found their store in Covent Garden on Sunday and had their bitter chocolate and caramelised balsamic vinegar – delicious I tell you).

I also went to the Junkaholique jumble sale and found my wedding ring! I had decided I wasn’t going to get a wedding band because I love my engagement ring so much and figured I should be so greedy but this vintage piece matches my engagement ring as though they were made for each other and fits my finger perfectly. It was meant to be!  I was in a bit of a funk when I woke up but that lifted my spirits right away.  Just sad that I have to wait 10 months until I can wear it!  Now just hoping the dress finding mission is so easy.

Also after a lovely lady in Germany asked if I would be running an Eat and Snap walk-shop while she was here on holiday I thought why not and have organised another date for Sunday 4 August.  It seems to be a popular day as five people have already booked on!  If you are interested in coming you can now see details on the dedicated page and buy a spot over at the shop.

Sunday evening was all about working on Post Production stuff.  We looked at future dates (announcing another one soon), started planning our first newsletter (been a bit slow on that one, woops), thought of a new idea for a Post Production video and worked on some blog post ideas.

All caught up?  Cool, what did you get up to?