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Before I share some bits on the Venice Film Festival and our trip at the weekend I thought I would share some film photos I took while we were on our familymoon. I am really happy with how these ones came out. I think in future all photos of Venice should be taken with film.

My favourite is the photo I took of the little boy sitting (dangerously I might add) on the edge of the vaparetto stop with his captain’s hat and mini gondola. It isn’t a perfect picture but it just feels so right.

I also love how the black and white so perfectly captures the texture of the city.

Like this? Check out my thoughts on how shooting on film can improve your photography.

i’m off

mind the gap I feel I should have some profound words of wisdom as I say goodbye to living in London, maybe for a while, maybe for good. At this stage it is all a mystery.

The past eight years in this city have been the most amazing of my life so far. I have made the most amazing friends, lived in some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world (yup I would say that), discovered more of who I am and grew a love that will last a life time. I know there are many people and things I will miss but I am really excited for our new adventures and look forward to sharing them here.

I have organised a week of guest posts for the coming week talking about adventure, while I get settled in our new home.

Oh, and if you find yourself in Trieste in the future, drop me a line.

Here are some London links:

If you have any other London favourite’s let me know and I will add it to my London pinterest board.

portrait | nicola and david

nicola-and-david-4-mycreative nicola-and-david-5-mycreative nicola-and-david-3-mycreative nicola-and-david-2-mycreative nicola-and-david-1-mycreative You might remember back in March some pictures I took of this cute couple, and the video that Tim made of us in action. At the time I also took some black and white photos but I only recently finished the film.

I thought these pictures felt suitably autumnal (which kind of seems to be the theme I am going for this week).

David is also a wedding photographer so if anyone one is looking for a photographer check out his site.

local london | hampstead

hampstead sundial house For ages now I have had an idea for a series on the blog about London. Now that I am leaving I am finally going to do some although I fear it might be left hanging. I love London and there are little neighbourhoods which you often never discover because they aren’t necessarily ‘destinations’ or have a ‘must see sight’ but they have a lot going for them and if you found yourself in the area would be glad you knew about them so you could stop by for a wander, a pint or a little bit of light shopping.

The first in the series is probably an area you have heard about at least: Hampstead. I lived in a hostel in this beautiful north London suburb when I first moved to England. The hostel itself was nothing spectacular but it sure had a great location.

map of hampstead

A visit to Hampstead can be quite a full day with a walk around the Heath, a visit to Keat’s House and a wonder around the Village near the heath or around the tube station. There are several bus options, an overground train and the tube so you won’t have any problems getting here. If you get off at the tube station there is a lovely high street with several familiar high street chains but also some hidden gems. It is often referred to as Hampstead Village and it certainly has buckets of Victorian village charm with quaint houses and pretty pedestrian walkways.

Hampstead Holly Mount House Hampstead Holly Bush Public House There are some great pubs. I would suggest the Holly Bush which does a mean Sunday nut roast and is just off the main drag.  Flask on Flask Walk also has some great traditional interiors and a good selection of pub food.  Flask Walk is home to a selection of vintage shops, hairdressers, an ice-cream shop, florist and about the most amazing second hand bookshop I have ever been in.

Hampstead Flask Walk Bric-a-brac on Flask Walk Hampstead Outside the bookshop a lovely gentlemen also sells some bric-a-brac. On our recent trip I picked up three stoneware plates for a snip.

Hampstead antiques emporium Hampstead coffee guy If you have a bit more of a budget head to the Hampstead Antiques Emporium for a gorgeous selection of vintage treasures and grab a coffee from the gentlemen who has a cart at the top of the alley (although he is looking to open a little shop in the same alley so let me know). He really seemed to know his stuff and Tim and I got a lesson in coffee in preparation for our departure to Italy.

La Creperie de Hampstead Hampstead crepe Now the most important thing you have to do when you visit Hampstead is visit La Creperie so make sure you leave some space after your visit to the pub. It is just outside the King William IV pub. Unless you go during the day in the week there will be a queue and it will be long and slightly slow but the wait will be worth it. Persevere! They are freshly made with a selection of toppings and are really good. Sweet or savoury, up to you, but I suggest the chocolate nut crunch.

Have you been to Hampstead before? Let me know if you have any other must-dos.