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I’m looking forward to this minimalist gift series from Reading Tea Leaves. There seem to be a couple of these starting, like Lola’s campaign for shopping independent. Here is to a more considered Christmas!

I love this new map series, especially this one on finding out what’s bugging you.

An absolutely beautiful blog. Both the pictures and the words are poetry. Check out Hannah’s instagram too. (Thanks Emma for the find).

A little personal promotion: Some pictures that I took last winter in Slovenia are now up on Heath Magazine’s blog. Let me know what you think!

Also I had my second coaching session with Marie of Kit and Caboodle and this woman is changing my life! If you have been thinking about some coaching you should check her out. Plus she is offering bloggers a special discount code. On a side note I have after several years finally convinced her to start blogging! You can thank me later.

In real life I have recently read “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke. I hadn’t really heard of him until moving to Trieste. One of his most famous anthologies of poems, Duino Elegies, was inspired by a nearby area. The book consists of ten letters that he actually wrote to a young poet giving advice etc. There were lots of words that jumped out at me but the ninth letter in particular spoke to me and I thought might be relevant to other creatives out there.

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Breakfast this morning was French toast, a top five breakfast option in my world. I had it with Nutella because I bought a jar to make dessert for some friends coming around and then they were sick so there is now a jar of Nutella sitting in the cupboard! My challenge this week is to come up with a less carby breakfast for next week. Tim is away for a week though on a work trip so I thought I’d send him off with something nice.

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cherry burek in zagreb

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Love this from Joy the Baker on fear of running out of ideas and where the inspiration comes from: “There is creativity and learning in simply trying to figure it out everyday”

I absolutely love these literally painted flowers from Georgie St Claire.

This post just made me smile.

Some interesting tips on product photography.

This is the reason I want these shoes in my life (cheetah and leopard are kind of the same right?).

How to tell a confident blogger

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We spent a night in Zagreb on Thursday. We ate probably one too many burek (a traditional pastry) but we really enjoyed these cherry ones for breakfast on Friday morning. They are perfect to grab from a bakery for about €1 and enjoy in a lovely square.

What is your favourite breakfast ‘street food’ (ie food you eat on the street as opposed to bought on the street)?

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pear and pomegranate oats

This week my brain has been very busy as I had a coaching session (which I will tell you more about next week), and have started two e-courses so a smaller link list than normal …

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Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing what you love (or about a lot of things to be honest). It doesn’t help anyone so take the guilt and make it into something positive.

How to deal with jealousy. I love how La La Lovely suggests using it to make something positive.

Want this guy in my life. I think we’d have a whale of a time (hehehehe).

Have you come across Blog Society. They are pretty cool.

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I have seen a lot of posts for porridge pop up and I got really excited because it has been grey here. But then it got really mild again and I decided it wasn’t porridge weather yet. So I made cold porridge instead. This might not be to everyone’s taste but I really like it. For this version I took my giant wholemeal* oats and stirred in one grated pear. Then I added oat milk to cover (because you know oat milk and oats were kind of made for each other!). Top with some pomegranate and some almonds to create texture and crunch and there you have a ‘porridge’ suitable for those days that aren’t quite cold enough for full on autumn porridge.

* In Italian wholemeal is integrale. The English definition of ‘integral’ is “necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental”. I think that is an important reminder for me on what type of food to eat and why.

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read em and eat - muesli for breakfast by mycreative

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I feel like I am very far from where I want to be in my ‘career’ (and mostly don’t even know where I do actually want to be) but this was an interesting piece to listen to.

An interesting short video on our social media ‘obsessed’ lives.

The lessons from being wrong.

An interesting podcast with Michael Pollan and edible food like substances.

They’re just habits and habits can be changed.

If there was a little girl in my life I would be buying her clothes here. I wish some children’s clothes would come in big people size!

Loved this differentiation between happiness and joy. I don’t suppose it matters what you call either but having an awareness that there is a deeper ‘joy’ lying under whatever you are feeling is uplifting.

All these things to do with chickpeas!

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Much as my instagram feed might deny it, sometimes I do just eat muesli. I like to keep it interesting though. Sometimes it is shop bought and sometimes it is a collection of cereals. I might have it with yoghurt or almond milk or oat milk. Sometimes I have a banana. This week I bought some figs. Throw on some chopped almonds and tahini.

How do you spice up your muesli?

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We have friends visiting us at the moment and I just love the style of breakfast eating where you just throw everything on the table for people to help themselves. Yoghurt, cereals, bread, jams, honeys, etc. It feels like a simple feast. I don’t have my normal type of styled photo because I wanted to capture that instead. In fact I really want to make an effort to capture more of the everyday. It is surprisingly hard.


I always find it interesting reading about willpower. Maybe one day I will put all I have read into action.

On the weekend I came across this repository of recipes which is inspiring my cooking this week. Hello a gazillion new foodie blogs!

I love this reaction to a mistake.

I think I need to make a couple of these tablecloths. I have a nice linen one (bought for a bargain at H&M) that is getting rather stained and think having a few spare tablecloths would be a good idea!

I found this post about instagramming for your business interesting (even though I don’t have a business to instagram about). I particularly like @elisejoy‘s  idea of handwritten promotional posts rather than graphics.

EAT >>>

I started using the MyFitnessPal app again to record my daily eats. Not to be a stickler for sticking to a ‘diet’ which doesn’t exist but just to get a more honest indication of whether I am treating my body like a temple or a landfill. I think at the moment it is probably somewhere inbetween with a lean towards the landfill on some days.

After two days I realised that my calcium consumption levels were pretty low and considering I think my eating was pretty standard for those two days I freaked out a bit.

So for breakfast yesterday I had a generous serving of Greek yoghurt with tahini and honey plus some almonds sprinkled on top. There is also a banana hiding under there because everyone likes banana. I wouldn’t eat yoghurt regularly but it is definitely a good boost every now and again.

If you haven’t considered your calcium intake recently and eat a mostly plant based diet Catherine hit me up with this very timely article from Deliciously Ella and here is a great list of calcium sources from all foods (maybe this is an excuse to eat more pizza!). I think I will also be indulging in a healthy amount of figs in the next few weeks while they are in season.

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I have an ever growing wish list for travelling and Cartegena has just been added to it, and Budapest. The latter might be more likely in the near future.

I am quite taken with these fortune cookie bracelets. Maybe I should get one with my daily mantra on …

How amazing is this watermelon bedding diy from Conversation Pieces?!

How do you make the holiday feeling last?

How to dent the universe.

I love the photography in this autumn lookbook from Cabbage and Roses.

Instagrammer to follow: now this must takes some time and patience but it looks amazing (check it out on your phone)

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I have been going a bit crazy over uva senza semi (seedless grapes) as I haven’t seen them in the markets until now. Even a grape gelato I had a few weeks back still had seeds in them. It is one of those weird eccentricities of the West that we enjoy eating plants which become redundant because they can’t grow from themselves! But anyway … I thought I would throw them in a pancake. Honey was added for ‘moisture’.

I promise one of these weeks I will have something that isn’t a pancake!