flower crown portraits

bbts_michelleyoung_6297 bbts_michelleyoung_6317 bbts_michelleyoung_6392 bbts_michelleyoung_6399 bbts_michelleyoung_6417 bbts_michelleyoung_6432 bbts_michelleyoung_6449 Just a couple portraits in front of the gold five sided hexagon* that Anna painted on her wall for the occasion of our meetup by the sea.

From the top: Katie and Hannah, Jo C, Anna, Elena, Charlotte and Jo H.

In the last one Jo is wearing a tower of crowns which is just amazing!  There are more pics on my facebook page.

Flowers kindly provided by Great British Florist.

* I have since been corrected that a five sided shape is a pentagon but I like the word hexagon more.

bloggers by the sea

bbts_michelleyoung_6133 bbts_michelleyoung_6141 bbts_michelleyoung_6152 bbts michelleyoung 1 bbts_michelleyoung_6225 bbts_michelleyoung_6334 bbts_michelleyoung_6170 bbts_michelleyoung_6148 bbts_michelleyoung_6194 Over the weekend a troupe of bloggers* went down to a lovely little town by the sea (Leigh-on-Sea) to have a good ol’ blogger get together.  And nothing says blogger get together like stripey straws, drinking out of jam jars and flowers.

We all settled down in Anna’s lovely house (complete with vintage loveliness, the essential blogger magazine selection and an enviable typewriter collection) where she was the perfect hostess.  She made very generous gift bags, fed us yummy food and organised a cornucopia of flowers for us to play with. Charlotte demonstrated some crown making skills but sadly my idea of a crown crown with flowers didn’t really work, so I stole Elena‘s crown, and later had a whole pile on my head.  Everyone else’s crowns were magnificent celebrations of spring and it was though a bevy of ladies had stepped out of la primavera.  Okay, maybe not quite but I like to think so.

The flowers were kindly provided by the Great British Florist which is a company I can really get behind. They only sell flowers grown in Britain, which is much more environmentally friendly, plus they actually smelled.  If you are organising an event and want to arrange your own flowers they provide a selection in a box for you to do it yourself.

p.s. I am in love with the colours in that last photo!

p.p.s. more blogger photos when I have got some preapproval.

* troupe of bloggers included Hannah and Katie from Shoestring Splendour, Jo from The Only Place, Charlotte from Lotts and Lots,  Jo from Hey Jo Design, Elena from Randomly Happy, Natalie from Scrap Adventure and of course Anna (whose house we took over) from Skin Blister Blog.

Thanks to all these ladies for making a very enjoyable Sunday and to Anna’s sister Harriet for picking us up from the station.


move over peonies, lisianthus is in town


Peonies seem to be the darling buds of bloggers.  And yes they are beautiful and I myself have attempted to capture their beauty.  But seasons change and peonies have come and gone.  Enter lisianthus.  These have the lovely peony colour (although the M&S British grown flower range also had deep purple and white).  What do you think?  Is the Lizzy a good seasonal option?