winter in review

frosty 4 - mycreative frosty 5 - mycreative winter roses - mycreative With the blossoms popping up I felt that the end of winter was near, but then it came popping back again.  Hopefully this will be the last of it but definitely time to review my winter to do.

So how have I done with my winter to do list?  I didn’t get too many of the to do’s done but I did have a dissertation proposal to do which went off so I figure that was most important.  Maybe next season I’ll get them all done.

  1. Red lipstick: purchased and worn fairly regularly.  I’m really liking it.
  2. Photo album of 2012: I decided I wanted to learn inDesign (we got the adobe cloud package) and so have put this off for a little while as the dissertation proposal had to be in first.
  3. Blanket: I did attempt a bit of fabric painting for this task but it didn’t work out and I didn’t try again.  I should perhaps just stick to the quick win crafts.
  4. Vegan hot drinks: I made a yummy vegan hot chocolate and did attempt a vegan chai latte but still need some perfecting before I share a recipe.
  5. Pasta: we didn’t get around to practicing too much but we did buy some pasta flour so will definitely get to practicing soon.
  6. I kind of cheated by reading a short children’s story, “Alice in Wonderland”, which is sweet in a kind of surely opium addled kind of way.  I don’t think I ever read the book as a child but it just seems to wander around and then ends in the classic way of all children’s stories (as in written by children) and “she woke up and it was all a dream”.  Maybe I should challenge myself to a more grown up classic next time.
  7. Try a new exercise: After spending so much time looking for something “new and exciting” I finally just decided to get on with it.  A couple false starts and I still not being consistent but still hopeful.  I am thinking of buying some new home workout videos to spice things up and I have signed up to do some jazz dance classes from the end of March (a groupon deal) so we will see how that goes.
  8. Guest posts can be found over at Shoestring Splendour and Avalon Wedding Blog and have signed on as guest contributor at This is Your Kingdom.
  9. Hanging pictures: I did finally get around to this and I’ll be sharing more on this soon.
  10. Dissertation proposal gone!  Now to start working on the rest of the beast.


portrait | nicola and david

nicola and david - mycreative nicola and david 2 - mycreative nicola and david 8 - mycreative nicola and david 3 - mycreative nicola and david 4 - mycreative nicola and david 5 - mycreative nicola and david 7 - mycreative nicola and david 10 - mycreative
These are some photos I took of my friends last weekend.  There was something wrong with the scanner at the photo shop so the colour is “wrong” but I love those imperfections. There are some more black and white ones to come but I haven’t finished the film yet.  David is also a photographer and I am doing some wedding inspired guest posts on his wedding site.

Also if you missed it check out the video Tim made of us in action.


happy friday

chairs in the rain - mycreative Happy Friday! And welcome to March! I have to admit I was hoping it would suddenly be spring outside today but it is looking a bit more like this picture above.

It has felt like one of those weeks that have gone so slowly but at the same time ‘events’ during it seem so far away.  Like … I can’t believe it is only five days since we made this video and it seems like months since I got to play flower crowns.  So many ideas and possibilities have been rolling around in my head that sleep hasn’t been to restful.  Hopefully this weekend I can thrash out some more ideas and have a better sleep.  As well as getting to play with my new cameras (the film has just arrived!).

Weekend links (photography heavy):

What plans do you have this weekend?

portraits | patricia

Patricia 1 - michelle young Patricia 2 - michelle young Patricia 13 - michelle young Patricia 11 - michelle young Patricia 3 - michelle young Patricia 4 - michelle young Patricia 12 - michelle young Patricia 6 - michelle young Patricia 10 - michelle young Patricia 14 - michelle young These are some film photos I took of Patricia (who also blogs) last weekend.  The film is less grainy than the previous black and whites of Charlotte (wonder if that’s because the last one was expired…).

Patricia is an amazing photographer so it was slightly nerve-wracking but we found out we were both originally from South Africa and proceeded to enjoy circling Borough Market looking for good spots to take a photo.

p.s. I have tried a to do some more ‘designy’ looking things which I have totally stolen from Jo, definitely don’t do it as well but I like the idea of experimenting a bit.  What do you think?

eat out | lily vanilli

lily vanilli 1 - mycreative lily vanilli 2 - mycreative lily vanilli 3 - mycreative lily vanilli 4 - mycreative lily vanilli 5 - mycreative lily vanilli 6 - mycreative Admittedly I only got a hot chocolate at the Lily Vanilli Bakery while there a few weeks ago with Charlotte (when it was rather rainy and cold outside) but it was very popular and the hot chocolate was very good.  The baked goods all looked amazing and I will definitely have to head back for a try.

There was no way you would find a seat on a rainy day unless you are very patient.  Perhaps one of those chocolate tarts will find their way to me in the summer time.

portrait | charlotte on film

charlotte 8 - mycreative charlotte 12 - mycreative charlotte 9 - mycreative charlotte 7 - mycreative charlotte 11 - mycreative charlotte 5 - mycreative charlotte 6 - mycreative charlotte 10 - mycreativecharlotte 1 - mycreativecharlotte 2 - mycreativecharlotte 3 - mycreative

Although I have had my Canon film camera for a few months now I hadn’t really had the chance to practice any portrait photography with it (aside from the occasional photo of the Mr).  A few weeks ago Charlotte volunteered to be my first test subject.

It is a definitely more pressured than taking photos with digital where you can take a couple until you get the right shot.  With film you compose, focus, play around with the focus some more (man auto focus is so much easier) and then make sure no-one is going to stand in front of your photo and then snap, pull, click (most satisfying noise in the world).  Even though the shots aren’t perfect I love the ‘realness’ of them.  I wouldn’t want to edit them because they just feel truthful as they are.  That is the moment that was captured.

All in all it was a rather wet, but lovely, day at Columbia flower market and I am quite happy with the pictures we got.

I’d love to know what you think.

{Taken on expired B&W 400 and Fujifilm 400}