pink | a moodboard and musings

pink mood board

Like most girly girls I’ve always had a bit of a thing for pink. My childhood bedroom was an explosion of pink rose bedding with a pink rose wallpaper border and a white four poster bed. Man I loved that! My tastes have matured a bit from the outright explosion but sadly I don’t think I will ever have a pink room again. The Mr firmly puts his foot down to any pinkiness in the house. But my eye is still attracted by the muted warm tones and I thought I would create a mood board of pinks from the real world caught on my iphone.

pink interior

If I was going to have pink in the house it might be in a beautiful piece of feature furniture, a throw to soften some greys or perhaps the softest blush on the walls that I could almost say was white. Maybe I could get away with a mug or a plate though…

What do you think? Is pink for childhood bedrooms or does it have a place in a modern grown-up home?

image 2 sources: cupboard | throw | wall | plates and mugs

burano | a suggested route


On one of our days while in Venice we ‘day tripped’ to the islands of Murano and Burano.  We decided to go very early for some photo opportunities.  Unfortunately arriving on Murano first at a rather early hour (with kids heading off to school – on a Saturday!?) meant that not much was going on.  It did allow for some photos of buildings but I didn’t really ‘get’ it.  It seemed like every shop only had some glass to sell.

We then headed to Burano with half of the island of Murano it seemed.  We decided to get off the first stop (of two) for the island which I am really glad we did.  In fact the whole route we took around the island meant that we went around ‘quieter’ streets (although there were still ‘sufficient’ tourists around) before hitting the ‘tourist traps’.  I would highly recommend this because it just meant that it felt more like a place where people live (and do a lot of washing of sheets).  The map above shows the route we took.

Burano is pretty dang amazing.  The houses are all really colourful and it is like a bit of a fairytale.  The amazing spring like weather wasn’t too bad either (the video I made was mostly shot on Burano).

burano market garden burano canals burano houses cat in burano

Note about the map: it doesn’t include all the roads, those are just the main ones we went down.

family heirloom

My Mum brought back this lovely tea set from South Africa which my Grandmother was given when she was a young lady.  I remember when I was young it always used to sit in the display cabinet in the entrance hall.  I loved all the colours and still do.