upcycle a shopping bag

gift-bag-diy-mycreative I bought myself a little something from Anthropologie the other day and thought that their bags which are rather sturdy and  attractive with their ribbon handles could be put to good use as a gift bag with a little bit of effort.   anthropologie-bag-mycreative dymo-label-mycreative The logo is small enough that it can be easily covered.  I used a Dymo label-maker to make a little “happy happy happy” cover up.  A strip of washi tape would serve a good purpose too I am sure. copper-spray-paint-mycreative A little bit of spray paint on the bottom to give it a little extra glamour.  (Admit it you all have some spray paint hanging around somewhere in your house).  My spray paint skills aren’t that good but hey you don’t need to be professional to paint a bag right.  The spray paint was totally inspired by Marie who you can find on twitter and who you need to work on to start her own blog. upcycled-gift-bag-mycreative It worked well for a plain brown bag too.  Now who can suggest any other shopping bags I can give a new lease of life.

happy friday

personalised noted book - mycreative Youch.  First ‘full’ week back at work (slightly different considering I only work four days a week).  Was a bit of a struggle but we got there in the end.

My highlights were speaking to my friend in Australia (getting a house tour and telling our engagement story) and starting Italian lessons.  The notebook above is for the latter.  I thought it needed a bit of personalisation.  Super easy with copper acrylic paint and a cut out heart.*

Here are some links for the weekend:

Loving this tattly.

Looking forward to these going on sale.

Time to get serious about food waste.

A new favourite food blog.

Have a great weekend!

*FYI: there are going to be lots of things with that copper paint around here.  I bought a huge jar thinking I would paint my cabinet with it but decided on spray paint instead.


painting furniture – a bit of how

Yay finally weather which allowed me to take a picture of my new furniture.  Not the most “fabulous” interior shots but you get the point.

We have been in our flat for over a year and our lounge still looked like student digs with no furniture.  We finally snapped and bought two Ikea PS side cabinets to use as a TV stand.  However I really wanted to personalise them and after seeing this Ikea pimp I decided to do the same but with some alternative colours.  I went for a grey/black/copper combo which I am currently obsessed with but think is classic enough that it will be a while before I need to repaint them.

I used Farrow & Ball paints, not because I have delusions of grandeur but because there is one in Wimbledon and they sell mini pots.  The colours are left to right drainpipe (dark grey). pitch black and elephant’s breath (light grey).  The copper (second from right) is MontanaGold copperchrome spraypaint.  The process was basically sanding the doors a bit and then painting a few layers of paint.  The elephant breath was what F&B call “eggshell” which is a slightly gloss paint.  This one went on much better than the normal enamel paint.  Unfortunately their sample sizes are only available in the enamel but I did get a larger tin of the eggshell and used it as a base coat under the black coat (as I’d already painted the grey without the base).

The spraypaint we just painted directly without sanding or any preparation.  This was the much quicker option and depending on the colour choices you want, I would suggest would be the way to go.  I would also suggest a non-windy day so that the black bag you are using to “protect” the ground doesn’t flap up and smush your paint job.

I haven’t got around to taking pictures of the drawers that we picked up off the street and revamped last weekend but will hopefully get there seen.

happy friday

I was blissfully happy yesterday getting to take a half day because of all the overtime I have been working.  It meant I could stop in at some charity shops on the way home.  And today is my day off which meant a much needed lie in.  I have to wait around the house today for an Ikea delivery but I am getting my “Christmas on”, planning my advent calendar and making decorations.  I have a large pot of copper acrylic paint and thinking of all the possibilities ..

In the meantime:

  • I have been taking a virtual holiday with Fresh Exchange’s holiday in Italy.  Megan’s thoughts on the light are so true.  Two of my most memorable sunsets are from Italy.  When I think of Italy I feel excitedly happy and really sad that I am not there already.
  • That said I love London and there are so many good things on at the moment that I need to make time to see: the Pre-Raphaelites, the William Klein and Daido Moriyama photography exhibition and the Ansel Adams exhibition to name but three.
  • The best Christmas gift guide yet.


christmas inspiration

There have been some murmurs amongst several bloggers already and pinterest is throwing up some Christmas inspiration daily so I don’t feel too bad about jumping into the party.  We haven’t had a Christmas tree for about five years and I thought this year I would really make an effort.  It is going to be a big ol’ crafty one too.  As we don’t really own any special decorations I thought I would make some and I’m also going to try and make a few presents; although we don’t really do big gift giving we will have a couple secret Santa’s and there are a few birthdays too.

Here is my inspiration for the trees and decorations

I’m going for a grey, copper and wood  combo.  A colour combo that I am totally in love with right now, I’m thinking they’d make great colours for our lounge too (but that is for another day).  I already picked some branches yesterday and some “copper” glitter (which I think is just a mix of red and gold).  I also have a beaded reindeer that my Mum bought back for me from a holiday she just made back home to South Africa.

I’m also going to get some clay to make those now ubiquitous blogger Christmas decoration – but I still haven’t tried and I want to!

I have a whole host of Christmas ideas so look out for some more ideas to come.

Also, if you needed any extra help getting into the Christmas spirit Anna at Skin & Blister is doing a #ShareAdvent in which you can join in with all (or some) of her advent calendar activities.  Looks like fun.  Though I don’t think I will get around to doing them all I think some of those will definitely be on the list.

Sources for image 1: flag bunting | wood tree | copper tags, string, etc | tiles (original source missing) | measuring cups

weekend carboot

Have I mentioned how much I love carbooting?

Sunday my regular carboot mate and I decided to try somewhere new to us so we headed to the Kilburn Park School which has run on a Saturday for a while but is now also open on a Sunday.  It was smaller than expected with perhaps about 20 stall holders with everything from books to clothes some household goods and the normal random stuff.  I was able to pick up three expired film for £1 and a set of three jewellery crafting pliers for £2.  My friend also got some good deals like a vintage M&S skirt, another pack of crafting pliers and flip flops for her beach holiday.

However, that hadn’t quite quenched our carbooting thirst so we decided to head to our usual haunt – the Capital Carboot in Pimlico.  I think there were even more stall holders than usual because of the amazing weather (although there was a torrential downpour at one point).

I was able to get a vintage circle cake/bundt tin (which might be some sort of 70s meat jelly cooking thing but I am going to use it for cake); two trays; two teacups and saucers, two dinner plates and one side plate, a toast rack (which I am sure I will be able to find a practical use for in the absence of toast making marathons) and a high street dress for work.  All for the bargain price of about £20.  Seriously can never recommend this carboot enough.