portrait | nicola and david

nicola-and-david-4-mycreative nicola-and-david-5-mycreative nicola-and-david-3-mycreative nicola-and-david-2-mycreative nicola-and-david-1-mycreative You might remember back in March some pictures I took of this cute couple, and the video that Tim made of us in action. At the time I also took some black and white photos but I only recently finished the film.

I thought these pictures felt suitably autumnal (which kind of seems to be the theme I am going for this week).

David is also a wedding photographer so if anyone one is looking for a photographer check out his site.

portrait | nicola and david

nicola and david - mycreative nicola and david 2 - mycreative nicola and david 8 - mycreative nicola and david 3 - mycreative nicola and david 4 - mycreative nicola and david 5 - mycreative nicola and david 7 - mycreative nicola and david 10 - mycreative
These are some photos I took of my friends last weekend.  There was something wrong with the scanner at the photo shop so the colour is “wrong” but I love those imperfections. There are some more black and white ones to come but I haven’t finished the film yet.  David is also a photographer and I am doing some wedding inspired guest posts on his wedding site.

Also if you missed it check out the video Tim made of us in action.


movie making | a morning in cannizaro park

Last weekend I took photos of some friends in a local park (catch them later this week).  As an adventure in movie making Tim and I thought it would be fun for him to make a movie of us in action. I absolutely love it, including the guest appearance of the squirrel.

I think everyone should have mini movies made of themselves for no other reason that it is such a great memento to have.  What do you think?