capture challenge iv – moodboard

capture challenge iv - moodboard

So the last capture challenge was to create a mood board of photos that had a cohesive feel and tone. I wanted to create something that had the feeling of contemplation and romanticism with a sense of adventure and exploration. What do you think? Did I get it?

Pictured here are some recent purchases (decorative paper and a notebook), a shoot that I did with Joanne Heckadon (who has been busy working on her shop where I got the ‘adventure’ notebook) and some iphone snaps taken from a moving car while driving through Slovenia. I made one into a watercolour because I love this new app and thinks it rocks as a watercolour.

Claire also took part, sharing her image on the capture challenge group board. If you still want to try it out still leave a comment linking to your post.

I will do the capture challenge five next week. I am thinking another 30 day project (which I am pretty useless at). What do you think?

capture challenge iv

creative-capture-challenge-iv New Year and catching up on myself I thought it was time for another capture challenge. Sadly I didn’t get around to the last one but I hope you will forgive me. Perhaps I will try and do both this month!

Okay so the challenge for this month is to create a mood board all with your own photos. I love a good mood board! I am hoping this is a great way for you to create a set of cohesive pictures with a similar style and mood. Think of a colour palette and what mood you want to convey and then create a collection of the images.

You can share your board by joining the google+ group or leaving a comment and I will link up to you in a later post. The deadline for sharing is Monday 17 February.


creative capture challenge three

creative-capture-challenge Time for the next creative capture challenge!

Inspired by words

If you have been following my “inspired by words” series you know I have a thing for words (they are all beautiful really). So this month’s capture challenge is to take a photo inspired by a line from a song, a favourite or otherwise.  I think I already have one in mind but I might play around with it a bit more…

I look forward to seeing what people get up to and how it is interpreted.

You can take part in the photo challenge simply by posting about it on your blog.  Or you can join the little community I have set up over on google+.  The deadline for me sharing it on my blog is Monday 2 September, but you are of course free to post to your own blog (or the community) after that date.

Catch up with previous posts in this series.

creative capture challenge | reveal ii

capture_challenge_2_mycreative Capture challenge this month was to photograph the beauty in the ugly.

I am a bit late posting about it as I am in one of those rare moments where lugging my camera arounds seems like a bit of an effort. However, I have been loving my new phone (using it primarily as a camera) and I am afraid you will be seeing a lot of iPhone pictures around here.  I’ve been enjoying the simpler process of just pointing and shooting. Plus it just feels like less pressure.

I don’t often stop to take the ‘beauty in the ugly’ shot as it always seems to be spotted in those inbetween places when I am generally in a rush. I really struggled with this and just stopping to take the picture.

This photo was taken on a day off while exploring a new area we might move to.  I loved the shape of the “anti-intruder” fencing and with the blue sky and white building thought it made quite an interesting abstract image.

It appears that the camera phone was a popular choice with the other participants and that it was in the forced waiting in those “inbetween places” that pictures were often taken. It is also interesting to note how urban elements were often considered ugly but by placing something there it became beautiful.

Thanks to the participants for taking part. If you want to join in I will be announcing the next challenge on Thursday.


Tobias (“the law”) | Tim (“post office” and “smashed glass”) | Elena (“industrial arches”) | Katie (“bus”) | Emma (“train station”) | Kelly (“on the road”) | Isabel (“art and industrial”)

creative capture challenge two

creative-capture-challenge A couple weeks ago I was on a train, one of the less loved variety, headed out to Kent.  As I was going past stations  I thought how unattractive some of them were and how they could do with a lick of paint or a bit of cleaning up.  At one, however, I noticed a great pattern that formed in the lines of the rail on the stairs.

So my challenge this month is to go somewhere “ugly” and photograph its beauty.  Or take an ugly object.  I won’t suggest you ask an ugly friend.

Simply because the camera has the wonderful ability to isolate and help the photographer find the beautiful. It might be the way the light falls somewhere, or the pattern that something creates, or how a macro shot isolates something interesting.

I am reminded of that plastic bag scene in American Beauty.  But hope that you don’t find this task that cheesy!

You can take part in the photo challenge simply by posting about it on your blog.  Or you can join the little community I have set up over on google+.  The deadline for me sharing it on my blog is 29 July, but you are of course free to post to your own blog (or the community) after that date.

Read about the capture challenge one and reveal one.

creative capture challenge one

creative-capture-challenge After my first Eat&Snap “walk-shop” I wondered how I could share learning with people who might not be able to make the classes or wanted something more afterwards.  At the same time I got my degree through distance learning and think that self-reflective/self-motivated study can be incredibly rewarding, although the support of fellow students was always helpful. So I’m excited to be sharing this new series idea and hope you will get involved and become part of a community supporting others on a photographic journey.

There are plenty of photography challenges out there (365 projects, 52 week projects, a photo for every day of the month and many more), so you might wonder why you would want another one.  Basically, I hope that this one is a little more … considered.  You can contribute one photo or several around each month’s ‘project inspiration’.  Rather than give you a list of random words I will give you a spark of an idea which you can make your own.  I encourage you to explore techniques, composition elements, etc so that the photo is the best that you can make it.

capture challenge one: reinterpretation/re-creation

I have talked about this concept before when I visited the Lichtenstein exhibition.  The concept of copying others work in order to learn is one which I have come across and think is useful, but reinterpreting rather than directly copying requires a little more thought.  The first challenge is to take an art piece that you like and reinterpret it using photography.  It can be still life or portrait or anything else.

How will it work:  Get in touch to be added to the google+ community where we will have the space to discuss our ideas and share our final project.  You can take the photo on any sort of camera you have.  If you are using a mobile phone concentrate on composition elements, if you are a dslr user consider technique and camera settings as well.

Deadline: 1 July

On 4 July I will do a post on my blog sharing links to your posts or posting images directly on my site (if you don’t have a site) of your final project.

I will be doing the projects along with you so I look forward to seeing what I come up with as well as you!