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hearty inspiration

Okay it is still a month away but I have been thinking about Valentine’s Day already.  Perhaps it is because I am in a super love stage but I think the main reason is I want to make a “valentine top”.  It all started with some cool diy inspiration that I spotted on pinterest (including this big felted heart top and a plethora of elbow patch options) .  I think I might go for the gold and orange of Kendi Everyday’s top so it isn’t overtly ‘valentine’.

I think the best thing about it is that hearts aren’t only for valentines so I won’t feel like a dork wearing it all the time.

Do you have an outfit that you wear on valentine? Or do you think it is cheesy?

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happy friday

personalised noted book - mycreative Youch.  First ‘full’ week back at work (slightly different considering I only work four days a week).  Was a bit of a struggle but we got there in the end.

My highlights were speaking to my friend in Australia (getting a house tour and telling our engagement story) and starting Italian lessons.  The notebook above is for the latter.  I thought it needed a bit of personalisation.  Super easy with copper acrylic paint and a cut out heart.*

Here are some links for the weekend:

Loving this tattly.

Looking forward to these going on sale.

Time to get serious about food waste.

A new favourite food blog.

Have a great weekend!

*FYI: there are going to be lots of things with that copper paint around here.  I bought a huge jar thinking I would paint my cabinet with it but decided on spray paint instead.


easy diy cards

diy card - mycreative At this miserable grey time of year what can be nicer than getting a nice card in the mail.  I made this the other day by sponging some acrylic paint onto a blank card and hand lettering a greeting.  I do the handlettering with a black pen and draw thicker lines on the down strokes to fake calligraphy.  I am hoping to get some calligraphy practice in at some point but this will do in the meantime.

I think I might make a pile of birthday cards and general greeting cards this weekend.  Maybe layer up the colours?

These would also make great place cards for a little party or any stationery really.


christmas decorations

Last weekend I decorated the tree and put up our advent calendar.  I have to admit that with time constraints the advent is certainly not what I had in mind and really everything is probably a bit too minimal but it will do for this year.  After paging through the latest issue of The Simple Things Mag I was quite liking the idea of a bauble-tastic wall tree.  I think I still need to make a star to go on the wall behind the tree.

I must admit I have fallen a bit behind with the ShareAdvent.  I have made a few of my own Christmassy activities.  Day 1 was “decorate the tree” – I have got that far at least.  Hopefully I will be able to catch up over the week.

For decorations I used wooden beads, copper tags and air-dry clay stars with glitter rolled in.

painting furniture – a bit of how

Yay finally weather which allowed me to take a picture of my new furniture.  Not the most “fabulous” interior shots but you get the point.

We have been in our flat for over a year and our lounge still looked like student digs with no furniture.  We finally snapped and bought two Ikea PS side cabinets to use as a TV stand.  However I really wanted to personalise them and after seeing this Ikea pimp I decided to do the same but with some alternative colours.  I went for a grey/black/copper combo which I am currently obsessed with but think is classic enough that it will be a while before I need to repaint them.

I used Farrow & Ball paints, not because I have delusions of grandeur but because there is one in Wimbledon and they sell mini pots.  The colours are left to right drainpipe (dark grey). pitch black and elephant’s breath (light grey).  The copper (second from right) is MontanaGold copperchrome spraypaint.  The process was basically sanding the doors a bit and then painting a few layers of paint.  The elephant breath was what F&B call “eggshell” which is a slightly gloss paint.  This one went on much better than the normal enamel paint.  Unfortunately their sample sizes are only available in the enamel but I did get a larger tin of the eggshell and used it as a base coat under the black coat (as I’d already painted the grey without the base).

The spraypaint we just painted directly without sanding or any preparation.  This was the much quicker option and depending on the colour choices you want, I would suggest would be the way to go.  I would also suggest a non-windy day so that the black bag you are using to “protect” the ground doesn’t flap up and smush your paint job.

I haven’t got around to taking pictures of the drawers that we picked up off the street and revamped last weekend but will hopefully get there seen.

diy watercolour cards

I have recently become obsessed with calligraphy.  In my internet trawling I came across Molly from Plurabelle Calligraphy and after going through her whole blog thought this diy would also be great for making cards.

On the weekend after staring at a computer screen too much I thought I would get out my watercolours and make some birthday cards.  My watercolour skills bare a resemblance to a five-year old’s but I think my hand lettering is coming along alright.  I am trying to practice a bit everyday.  I used a thin nibbed pen for the lettering but might eventually invest in a calligraphy set to see if I can teach myself.

[Pictures taken on my camera phone.  You can follow me on instagram at @mycreative.]