we’ll have paris

paris reflection reflectee On my way to Trieste by train I went to Paris for the weekend with friends. It is so good to spend quality time with the special people in your life. We started with breakfast at The Wolseley (certainly one of happy places in London). Perhaps a little indulgent but I had to leave London in style, non?

We stayed at an Airbnb apartment. Not the most stylish one in the world but cheap and certainly in a good location, near Commerce Metro. When we arrived there was a little food market and there was one of the recommended bakeries in the area.  On the first morning we picked up viennoiseries which were absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, it was closed on the Sunday so we couldn’t repeat the experience.

On Saturday I had my Paris Eat and Snap which was really good and so much fun. Though as always it felt a little too short as we tried to squeeze learning, eating and sight-seeing into a rather tight time gap. My friends I was travelling with joined in the day (thanks for the Eurostar ticket ladies) and we were joined by Claire and Amanda who both had lovely things to say. I can only say thank you for making the effort to come on over to Paris!

We started the walk-shop with coffee on a lovely street with a selection of places that looked good (including a lovely looking vegetarian friendly place). We then headed to a rue Montorguiel, a market street with lots of shops (rather than stalls), restaurants, bakeries and lots of delightful things o snap away. We ended the day at the Notre Dame and quick crepe run before Claire had to dash to catch her Eurostar home.

paris details Montorguiel-cafe-life fancy-french-cafe-life montorguiel-shop-keepers

It was a great opportunity for me to see how a ‘travelling’ Eat and Snap would work and I hope to bring it to a few more places. Perhaps from the spring …

Sunday required a search for Croque Madames for my travelling companions (which unfortunately ended in failure) and a dash to Laduree (if you visit you have to go to the one on Rue Bonaparte) for some gorgeous macarons for Tim.

I have to say (and this is just perhaps because Tim is not a fan of Paris) that I always enjoy visiting with friends. I enjoyed Eiffel Tower sitings, food, macarons, a glass of champagne, a crepe and good company. What more can you want in life?

eat and snap | broadway market

broadway market fresh produce tartan on broadway market purple on broadway market broadway market flowers and photos Saturday I hosted my last London based Eat and Snap for the year. It was a different mix of people to usual with some non-bloggers who came along. It was great to have a different perspective on the day.

We headed to Broadway Market, starting with breakfast at the Market Cafe which made some pretty wicked lemony ricotta pancakes.  Despite the Market on it didn’t seem crazy busy so I suggest if you are heading to the market and don’t want to wonder around on a hungry stomach you head here first.

After breakfast and my normal ‘walk through’ of settings we headed out into the market. I haven’t been for a while and was glad I got the chance to visit before heading off. I’m pretty sure there is more variety of products, when I used to visit years ago it was just food (or is my memory fading). The shops along the street are also super cute and I could spend a fortune in the magazine/bookstore near the beginning of the road.  Markets are a great place to practice photography as there as a lot going on and people aren’t always paying attention to the person with the camera.

As mentioned there won’t be anymore Eat and Snaps this year but if you are interested in finding about any happenings from Spring next year sign up to the mailing list.

There are also still two places left on the Paris Eat and Snap which is happening in October.


back again

fern-mycreative Who knew packing up a house to leave the country was so involved? The last time I moved to a different country all I had was two bags of things like clothes and a mass supply of items that mothers think you can’t get in countries higher up the HDI ladder than your own. That and spending time with the Mr took up my week.

Tim is now packed off and settling into Italy. There have been a few adjustments (the ‘relaxed’ rental arrangement and significantly slower internet for example). I have two months notice to work off.  So I am planning on keeping busy seeing friends, working on my dissertation and working out what I will be doing in Italy when I get there.

In the meantime my next Eat and Snap walk-shops are on 21 September and 19 October (IN PARIS!).  I have had some requests for an Italian session which I will work on when I get to Italy (and might wait until the spring). I do plan to make some trips back to London and will have some more sessions but these are only likely to be next year so if you have been planning on coming on one don’t wait!

Eat and Snap | an update

eatnsnap_columbia_road3 eatnsnap_columbia_road2 eatnsnap_columbia_road1 I love my Eat and Snap workshops.  Last time we headed to Dishoom for breakfast.  I wanted to try something a little more exotic and this fit the bill.  I’ve been to Dishoom in Shoreditch and Covent Garden but have to say the Shoreditch one wins in my book.

After breakfast and some instructions we headed down to Columbia Road Flower Market.  I love when I see people ‘get it’ or when they learn something when they thought they were pretty confident in the knowledge department.

You can read what some attendees have said:

Lynne from Papermash | Claire from The Digital Iris | Katie from Shoestring Splendour

Anna (who had previously attended our video workshops) also somehow managed to make a video which I love!

The next classes are on 24 August and 21 September. I am also pondering plans for an international Eat and Snap (and I am not talking Italy)

eat and snap | july 2013

eat-and-snap-july2-mycreative eat-and-snap-july1-mycreative eat-and-snap-july3-mycreativeOn Saturday I had my second Eat and Snap walk-shop. The weather was amazingly sunny and it feels like summer is here!  We started off with brunch at El Paso on Old Street which is a Tex-Mex restaurant which was blissfully airconditioned, had a mean iced latte and some great butterscotch pancakes.

After some general chatting and munching I went through the details of manual instructions and then we took a mini-wander down Shoreditch High Street and Redchurch Street.  It was a nice small group so everyone got plenty attention and had lots of questions for me – keeping me on my toes.

When you are learning and snapping everything it takes a while to get very far but with the sun shining you don’t want to take too fast a pace anyway.  It seemed even the shop-keepers wanted to get some of the heat!

eat-and-snap-july4-mycreative The next walk-shop is 4 August and you can buy a place over at my shop.  It seems a popular date and a great bunch of people have signed up so if you are thinking of coming don’t ponder too long.

Also, I have had a few people from Birmingham if I would be interested in heading up to do an Eat and Snap there so if you are from that part of the world I have set up a doodle poll to find out some date availability.  If you are a train ride from London and know a bunch of people who would be interested leave a comment and maybe I could come visit you too!


photo gathering | eat and snap 2


I really wanted to get a shop up on my blog for the next eat and snap but it is just being too tricky!  So for this time round I have set up a big cartel.  I hope it works …

Anyway, the next class is on 13 July.  I just wanted to let you know that have increased the price to £20.  After the first workshop I realised how much teaching I actually did, which was more than I had originally envisaged, although really great to share what I know.  I also spent many hours before making some postcards which I was told were really useful. Plus I have created a private facebook group which you can join after the session where you can share some images for feedback.  Honestly, I think it is still a really good deal and I hope you agree.  If, however, you have attended a gathering before or are a confident manual user get in touch for a 50% discount.

You can see more details re timing and layout of the day in the shop.  Also read about the previous class and see links to previous attendees thoughts of the day on this post.

As before, I will choose a location closer to the time.

Let me know if you have any questions.