happy friday

carnations carnations carnations

This week I am grateful for:

  • Friends who bring flowers as gifts when you invite them over for dinner.
  • Just one of those days that are so simple but so beautiful that you just can’t help but smile and you get ‘what a wonderful world’ stuck in your head.
  • I loved seeing all the happy flowers and faces with #primaveracrowns (feel free to submit some more over the next week)

Links for the weekend

Have a springful weekend!

primavera crowns

primavera crowns primavera crowns primaveracrowns primavera crown

Yay. It is officially spring  – at least according to the sun and moon (ie today is the spring equinox). In celebration I hope some of you have joined Bethan and me in wearing a flower crown – at least some of the time. Maybe while doing the dishes or working out this morning? I am imaging that I am virtually dancing in a flowery spring meadow with all of you lovely people!

Of course I couldn’t help taking a hundred of pictures of the pretty flowers (though I have maintained some restraint in sharing them there will be more tomorrrow). I haven’t bought carnations for … I think ever, but I think they might be under-rated. What do you think?


inspired by words | faded

faded1-mycreative faded2-mycreative A photo series inspired by words.

I have to admit this one was a little bit of a cheat.  I bought three peonies for my capture challenge still life and over the course of the week they faded from fuscia pink to candy floss to peach and from a coral to a buttery yellow.  It amazed me!  So I went and found these words inspired by the photos instead of the other way around.  You will forgive me I am sure.

“The flower bloomed and faded. The sun rose and sank. The lover loved and went.  And what the poets said in rhyme, the young translated into practice.”

– Virgina Wolf

faded4-mycreative faded3-mycreative I suppose the emotion that is triggered watching these flowers fade in so short a time raises the inevitable questions of mortality and passing time but what these words suggest to me is that although things leave, pass or fade for a time they are wonderful and to celebrate and enjoy them.  It seems like a particularly true sentiment for summer in this part of the world.

I thought I would also share some Italian words (in an attempt to increase my knowledge and as last time I did too).

faded – sbiadito (the “sb” sound is pronounced like a “z” apparently which I thought sounded very onomatopoeiac. Or am I just being a silly romantic?)

peony – peonia (simple enough that one!).

Previous words in the series: abundance

portrait | charlotte on film

charlotte 8 - mycreative charlotte 12 - mycreative charlotte 9 - mycreative charlotte 7 - mycreative charlotte 11 - mycreative charlotte 5 - mycreative charlotte 6 - mycreative charlotte 10 - mycreativecharlotte 1 - mycreativecharlotte 2 - mycreativecharlotte 3 - mycreative

Although I have had my Canon film camera for a few months now I hadn’t really had the chance to practice any portrait photography with it (aside from the occasional photo of the Mr).  A few weeks ago Charlotte volunteered to be my first test subject.

It is a definitely more pressured than taking photos with digital where you can take a couple until you get the right shot.  With film you compose, focus, play around with the focus some more (man auto focus is so much easier) and then make sure no-one is going to stand in front of your photo and then snap, pull, click (most satisfying noise in the world).  Even though the shots aren’t perfect I love the ‘realness’ of them.  I wouldn’t want to edit them because they just feel truthful as they are.  That is the moment that was captured.

All in all it was a rather wet, but lovely, day at Columbia flower market and I am quite happy with the pictures we got.

I’d love to know what you think.

{Taken on expired B&W 400 and Fujifilm 400}

flower crown portraits

bbts_michelleyoung_6297 bbts_michelleyoung_6317 bbts_michelleyoung_6392 bbts_michelleyoung_6399 bbts_michelleyoung_6417 bbts_michelleyoung_6432 bbts_michelleyoung_6449 Just a couple portraits in front of the gold five sided hexagon* that Anna painted on her wall for the occasion of our meetup by the sea.

From the top: Katie and Hannah, Jo C, Anna, Elena, Charlotte and Jo H.

In the last one Jo is wearing a tower of crowns which is just amazing!  There are more pics on my facebook page.

Flowers kindly provided by Great British Florist.

* I have since been corrected that a five sided shape is a pentagon but I like the word hexagon more.