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colour seasons for mycreative blog

I am currently doing the Blog Boss ecourse from Decor8 and am feeling super inspired by it. We all get into creative slumps and I felt mine had stuck around to long so when I saw this course was available I jumped on it. I had heard so many good things about Holly’s previous courses so knew I was onto something good.

Several things have stood out for me so far (and it is only half way):

Colour Psychology

not the quirky thing from the 80s which told you what colours you should wear but really just a way of categorising personalities or (in this case) brands. It is totally changing the way I am looking at my blog and what I want to do with it! If you want to find out about it head over to The Brand Stylist where there are several posts on the subject.

Time management

I don’t have a very busy life but don’t seem to get stuff done so I asked Holly who blogs almost daily, has a new baby, writes books etc how she does it. Her answer was really simple and definitely something I am looking into incorporating into my blog and other aspects of my life. When a window of time presents itself just aim to get one thing done. I find that I always think “I have so much to do” panic and do nothing so I think this simple approach will help (although internal struggles might continue).

The picture above is the one project that I needed to get done before going away for the weekend (off to Ljubljana!). I had to make a mood board of my blog’s ‘season’ for my homework for the course. It was so fun doing a physical moodboard with objects I might get addicted. Admittedly I did spend the bulk of the morning handlettering my blog name which was fun. As you can see I have already made some changes around here but there is a little way to go. I am really excited about!

Do you find these helpful? Share with me what has inspired you this week. I would love to know!

i have decided


The past 11 months have had their ups and downs, but lately I have been in a really good space. I am generally an optimistic sort but I think sometimes I need reminding. I saw this on pinterest the other day and it really resonated with me.

Obviously horrible to horrific life events aside, in the every day it is really our choice whether we have a good day or bad. You can decide to grumble about the little inconveniences or be grateful for the little windfalls. I find it very empowering really that it is up to me. Why give the power to someone else to influence your day?

i-have-decided-1-mycreative i-have-decided-3-mycreative i-have-decided-4-mycreative

So I made a poster with my new daily mantra. It is helpful seeing it in the morning but even just repeating it often to myself pre-poster making has been good.

Do you have a daily mantra? How do you stay positive in a world that is sometimes a little bit inconvenient?

easy diy cards

diy card - mycreative At this miserable grey time of year what can be nicer than getting a nice card in the mail.  I made this the other day by sponging some acrylic paint onto a blank card and hand lettering a greeting.  I do the handlettering with a black pen and draw thicker lines on the down strokes to fake calligraphy.  I am hoping to get some calligraphy practice in at some point but this will do in the meantime.

I think I might make a pile of birthday cards and general greeting cards this weekend.  Maybe layer up the colours?

These would also make great place cards for a little party or any stationery really.


weekend and thinking

This weekend the sun shone, which was enough.  It also involved hanging with friends, eating brunch and taking photographs.  I am already feeling invigorated by my four mid-term goals and thinking of what I need to do to work towards them.  I am still feeling as though I am in limbo still waiting to hear about work, preparing and sending off job applications and also wondering what short term compromises I need to make in order to achieve my big dreams.  If I am honest it stresses me out but this quote* I came across today inspired me (I thought the picture I took yesterday in Shoreditch (above) was very appropriate).

* originally here

[Pictures taken on my camera phone.  You can follow me on instagram at @mycreative.]

diy watercolour cards

I have recently become obsessed with calligraphy.  In my internet trawling I came across Molly from Plurabelle Calligraphy and after going through her whole blog thought this diy would also be great for making cards.

On the weekend after staring at a computer screen too much I thought I would get out my watercolours and make some birthday cards.  My watercolour skills bare a resemblance to a five-year old’s but I think my hand lettering is coming along alright.  I am trying to practice a bit everyday.  I used a thin nibbed pen for the lettering but might eventually invest in a calligraphy set to see if I can teach myself.

[Pictures taken on my camera phone.  You can follow me on instagram at @mycreative.]