happy friday

happy friday light on trieste's buildings

Another Friday has rolled around. It must be the most said line in the English language but wow time flies. On Sunday we have already been married a month! Tim has been giving some English lessons all week but is finished today so we are planning a “home-moon” for the next week before some friends arrive to visit us. We are planning on going out for dinner dates, trying out new coffee shops and apertivo bars, exploring nearby towns and walks we haven’t yet ventured on and spending a day or two at the beach. So kind of the things you would do on honeymoon. I would love any ideas of what you did (or might do) on your honeymoon so that I can bring into our week.

Aside from that here are some links for your weekend perusal:

  • An older blog post that I came across on pinterest about “the Kinfolk life“. Definitely worth remembering (especially when you look at your rental home and bemoan the fact that it is not your dream home).
  • In the same vain I love Lulu’s post about creating amazing spaces with what you have. Definitely need to experiment with this in our flat.
  • Some interesting thoughts on blogging and data.
  • If you are into yoga you might want to enter this competition, plus I love Freya’s stealth method of exercise.
  • I love the imagination that is used in making this tiny house, particularly the kitchen. I really think that constraints make for the best promoters of creativity.

Happy weekend all!

happy friday

happy friday beach umbrellas

It is a kind of strange time of year. Tim is on holiday until the end of August. At which point I also start working. So post wedding there is a ‘new swing’ to get back into to. Which mostly feels like holiday and has me being very unproductive. Again! That said I am enjoying time with my new husband post our familymoon.

It will still be a bit sporadic around here for a while but I had a growing list of links to share. Due to not posting a happy Friday for some weeks now I have a jolly list of links to share with you this week. Some are a bit older but hopefully they are still of interesting

And you will also find I have been popping up on other blogs lately. Byrony included me in her new series on seaside bloggers (such a great idea!) and Catherine had me tell you what I get up to on a weekend.

happy friday

happy friday trieste

Feelings in a few words:

Excited (2 weeks until the wedding day), hot (a week of 32 degrees) but enjoying what feels like a ‘real summer’, loving having our first summer guest and eager to work out this morning as there is a breeze and it feels like I won’t die while jumping around.

And here is some weekend reading:

Enjoy the weekend. Hope it is lovely wherever you are.

happy friday

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Friday feelings:

  • It is a bit strange being back in London. Home but not home. Familiarity but wow do things change quickly.
  • Missing Tim while I am in London. I am such a sap.
  • Thinking about Love Languages. Ché suggested the book to me and I read it on the plane to London. The idea is pretty simple – that we each ‘feel’ love and ‘speak’ love through a specific love language. Mostly couples don’t share the same love language and this can lead to issues in the relationship. I think after over nine years together Tim and I are fine but it does give some insight into our actions towards each other and I am happy to always work at making each other loved.
  • Grateful for friends that stay up late at night when journeys take longer than planned and that shops in London stay open past 8pm when there is nothing to eat at my departure airport and Ryanair has neither sandwiches or cutlery to eat the cooked meals they do have available on the plane. Plus all my other lovely people in London.

Weekend links:

Have a lovely weekend!

p.s. how amazing is that pink on that peony. Seriously was that colour.

happy friday


This week I am feeling

  • Happy about being in a good workout groove. It goes up and down but I have started working out for longer which I think is what has been needed. 20 minutes is good if you are in a super hurry but when you don’t have anywhere to go that day it can verge on the the ‘least possible effort’ which isn’t going to get me loosing my winter excess (from several winters) anytime soon.
  • Excited to be planning some post wedding travelling, with family (dubbed the familymoon) and friends. I am so excited to have some of our people finally come and visit us in Trieste. And we are planning some summer tripping to bits of Italy and Croatia.
  • Antsy to experiment with a new craft that I am super interested in, just need to squirrel some money away for supplies.
  • Excited that in five weeks I will be married. Still kind of freaking out about the little things that need to get done.
  • Grateful for caring emails from friends, those moments when the heat is like waves rolling over you, taking packed lunches down to the seafront, afternoon walks with Tim and gelato.

Links for the weekend:

I’ve taken a different angle with my weekly ‘gratitude list’ and just added feelings. What do you think? I feel it is a nice way to capture what is on my mind.

happy friday


This week I am grateful for:

  • A full nights sleep after a previous night with ‘half sleep’.
  • Getting the last bits of the wedding sorted. Still things to do but at least I know what I am doing!
  • Matte lilac fingernails have been making my hands happy. If I was wearing white to get married I might have worn this on my nails.

Some weekend reading:

Hope you have a lovely sunshiney weekend!