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Every few months my attention turns to decorating my flat. I scour pinterest, stare at the walls for hours and ponder what to do. Sadly, not much happens from that point as generally the budget does not stretch to do the things I dream.

That doesn’t stop me dreaming though. Of late, I particularly like these collections of portraits on the wall. Either a single one in an unexpected place or as a gallery wall. I am thinking a collection might work well stacked on the shelves above our bed. The furniture in the bedroom is really ‘peculiar’ with a shiny black finish and odd layout. I have done very little to the bedroom but am keen to stamp some of our own personality on it.

I’m hoping I can start building a collection from the variety of vintage shops that are around in Trieste but cost might mean I just end up with one. Although something like this looks grand.

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pink | a moodboard and musings

pink mood board

Like most girly girls I’ve always had a bit of a thing for pink. My childhood bedroom was an explosion of pink rose bedding with a pink rose wallpaper border and a white four poster bed. Man I loved that! My tastes have matured a bit from the outright explosion but sadly I don’t think I will ever have a pink room again. The Mr firmly puts his foot down to any pinkiness in the house. But my eye is still attracted by the muted warm tones and I thought I would create a mood board of pinks from the real world caught on my iphone.

pink interior

If I was going to have pink in the house it might be in a beautiful piece of feature furniture, a throw to soften some greys or perhaps the softest blush on the walls that I could almost say was white. Maybe I could get away with a mug or a plate though…

What do you think? Is pink for childhood bedrooms or does it have a place in a modern grown-up home?

image 2 sources: cupboard | throw | wall | plates and mugs

decorating from a distance

I currently have two homes! One is the flat that I am living in with my housemate until the end of the month when our lease ends. The other is our new flat in Italy where Tim is installed and I have only seen through a plethora of photos kindly provided by the former tenant. This is likely to be the only time in my life I can say that.

So, I am currently decorating our Italian flat that I have never physically seen, from a distance, on a limited budget, with the restriction of furnished property (in the style of grandma-meets-early-90s-Ikea). My current aesthetic is grey/neutrals Nordic-minimalism (yes I know, original) and this flat doesn’t quite agree with that. It has some great features like lots of light and parquet flooring in the lounge and bedroom but also a blue tiled bathroom, the bedroom has an excess of shiny black and/or mirrored wardrobes and generally the storage solutions are very strangely placed. I am by no means an interior styling mavin so this is going to be a challenge. Once I get there I will share some progress pictures on how I go about making it home, but in the meantime I thought I would share some inspiration.

First up is the bedroom cupboard solution. I had thought of getting some ‘renters’ wallpaper but unfortunately though it is beautiful it is a bit beyond the budget. (If you are thinking of some options Joanna suggested Photowall and Surface View which both look to have awesome products). Instead I am pondering a simple solution of sticking pictures to the cupboard! I am thinking a monochromatic palette would work well. The question is whether I go for polaroid type prints or larger images.


In the blue bathroom I had originally thought of going for some grey accessories (brave I know) but then thought hey let’s go all colourful in this and maybe the blue will look less … ‘blue’. Tim was able to pick up a flamingo shower curtain at Ikea and I think some other quirky splashes of colour will certainly make for fun.

colourful-bathroom-solutions I am also having a basket obsession and hoping I will be able to find some for random storage around the flat, including at the front door if I am able to evict a particularly dated entrance stand.


Have you had any rental quirks that you have found good solutions for? I’d love to hear about them. Links welcomed!

Image sources – one: 1 | 2 | 3 / two: 1 | 2 | 3 / three: 1 | 2 | 3

sideboard inspiration

sideboard inspiration Now that Christmas is done I need to figure out how to style my pretty painted sideboards.  I’ve been pinning some inspiration (as you do).  I would love a whole wall of art but unfortunately frames are quite pricey.  My sideboard also has a television on so won’t look quite as clean as these above but I think there are still some good tips to follow.

{ image sources: 1 (anyone know the original source?) | 2 | 3 }


painting furniture – a bit of how

Yay finally weather which allowed me to take a picture of my new furniture.  Not the most “fabulous” interior shots but you get the point.

We have been in our flat for over a year and our lounge still looked like student digs with no furniture.  We finally snapped and bought two Ikea PS side cabinets to use as a TV stand.  However I really wanted to personalise them and after seeing this Ikea pimp I decided to do the same but with some alternative colours.  I went for a grey/black/copper combo which I am currently obsessed with but think is classic enough that it will be a while before I need to repaint them.

I used Farrow & Ball paints, not because I have delusions of grandeur but because there is one in Wimbledon and they sell mini pots.  The colours are left to right drainpipe (dark grey). pitch black and elephant’s breath (light grey).  The copper (second from right) is MontanaGold copperchrome spraypaint.  The process was basically sanding the doors a bit and then painting a few layers of paint.  The elephant breath was what F&B call “eggshell” which is a slightly gloss paint.  This one went on much better than the normal enamel paint.  Unfortunately their sample sizes are only available in the enamel but I did get a larger tin of the eggshell and used it as a base coat under the black coat (as I’d already painted the grey without the base).

The spraypaint we just painted directly without sanding or any preparation.  This was the much quicker option and depending on the colour choices you want, I would suggest would be the way to go.  I would also suggest a non-windy day so that the black bag you are using to “protect” the ground doesn’t flap up and smush your paint job.

I haven’t got around to taking pictures of the drawers that we picked up off the street and revamped last weekend but will hopefully get there seen.


Last night I went along to a pop up shop to launch a new fragrance range from Keith Brymer Jones.  I love an opportunity to catch up with some bloggy friends and it is even better when you get to do so with delicious rose and pomegranate cupcakes and green mint tea mocktails (I heard the cocktails were good too) inspired by the new fragrance line.

Keith’s ceramic range are right up my Mr’s street – white and minimalist and I picked up a mug which I new he would appreciate (he always jokes about how middle class we are).  I loved their egg cup range and it is a good thing I only spotted that apron in the window after I got home because I think I really need it for the kitchen.