my croatia weekend in numbers


Last Saturday a friend mentioned she was maybe going to Croatia over the next weekend and invited us along. On Wednesday we confirmed and booked the trip, leaving the next day. I think that is the most last minute holiday I have ever taken. I thought I would do the ‘in numbers‘ post.

1,297| Approximate kilometres travelled.

3 | Times we stopped to look for wild asparagus on the roadside (after spotting locals walking with it).

0 | Number of asparagus spears found.

35,000 | Estimated number of Christian Youths who descended on Dubrovnik Old Town the only full day we had in the city (the old town is pretty small!). Along with torrential rain. It did mean that we didn’t feel guilty lazing around until 11am in the beautiful house we stayed in and then we promptly headed to a restaurant for lunch.

1,940 | Metres of Dubrovnik’s city walls we walked around (that is all of it). If you go to Dubrovnik this is the one thing that you must do, it gives a great overview of the city and the chance to look in locals windows.

1 | Pretend band created – known as the Sea Shanties. The rest of the weekend involved creating album covers, solo album spin-offs, song titles, etc (sometimes it is good to just be a little bit silly).

2 | Times we visited the Wine Bar Razonoda. If you find yourself in Dubrovnik I’d definitely suggest going here, it has a relaxed atmosphere and is pretty stylish but the best part is the manager/sommelier Hrvoje.

246 | Estimated number of times “In your face” (a form of insult – according to Google – used by the Croatian’s) was used by the group plus the one time it was used by the Hrvoje wine bar, thus confirming Google’s accuracy (I guess).

36 | Estimated times I commented on the amazing smell of the neroli trees.

23 | Estimated times that Game of Thrones was mentioned. If you don’t know, part of the series is shot in the city. Actually we didn’t see any mention of tours or much reference to the series except for a mention in a tourist newspaper.

Mostly our weekend involved eating and driving and it was pretty darn good despite not always amazing weather.

Check out more iphone pictures on my Facebook page. I’ll share some more ‘real’ pictures later, although with the downpour of rain I didn’t take too many!

my london week in numbers

Painted in Waterlogue

In the vein of Rosie and Freya, I thought I would share my week in London through numbers. So here you go.

2 | Celebrities spotted. I was in London all of 20 minutes when I walked past Bill Nighy in Soho. Then on Sunday I headed to The Wolseley for brunch (seriously love The Wolseley) and Samuel L Jackson was having some eggs.

20+ | Hours spent on buses, trains and tube. I stayed at a friend just past Hackney after I got into London got back to using the bus a lot. Definitely the best way to get around London if you aren’t in too much of a hurry. Plus a train from my Mom into London, to Cambridge and back and to the airport, plus the occasional zip on the tube. I have to say it was a little exhausting all the moving around though – I only take the bus once a week to go to one of my little tutoring jobs. And occasionally to the beach.

3 | Nights slept in my styled hair. Four days and it still looked decent! Very impressed

12 | Charity shops visited. I was looking for some bits for the wedding and was fairly successful. This was split between one near my mum in Bracknell, Crouch End and Cambridge.

At least 10 | Number of jugs in said charity shops that I eyed up longingly. I have a thing for them.

18 | Friends caught up with. Not everyone but glad that I got to spend some quality time with a bunch of my special friends.

1 | Photo shoot. Had to some work (although always so fun).

2 | Pairs of shoes bought. A smart move with the Tom’s but got massive blisters from the cheapo high street purchase. Oops.

gazillion | Calories consumed. In case you are interested this included meals from the following: The Vintage Tea House with my mum (great cake!), a late dinner at Maeve’s Kitchen (a simple menu but lovely cosy feeling), Tibits (a great central vegetarian restaurant which is great for a bite with a friend for lunch), Rosa’s (to get some Thai food fix), Beam (still thinking about their salad), Franco Manca, a little caf’ in Cambridge where I had a full veggie English (yum), The Wolseley (always brilliant), an amazing Turkish falafel wrap from Dom’s Place (a hipster kebab joint basically. It has been there since the 1970s but recently refurbished. Super good wrap too). So many new places had popped up in favourite neighbourhoods and exploring new areas meant I was keen to try 10,000 more but afraid my stomach and wallet could not handle that. Time for a detox now!