stripes for venice


venice stripes Next week is my birthday and Tim has taken the day off school so we can celebrate, We decided to take a day trip to Venice. It is only two hours away by train so a reasonable distance for a day out. We are planning on getting an early train, visiting the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, having a nice lunch, wandering around and then some apertivos before we hop on the train back.

Although our opinion gained from our last trip to Venice wasn’t so favourable I am really looking forward to giving it another try. Plus this time we at least know that it is an expensive city and will be prepared.

Aside from doing research on where we will eat/drink I am pondering a birthday outfit. I am inspired by the quintessential Venice staple: stripes.

venice stripes burano-pink-stripes burano-pink-grey-stripes burano-stripes

I love a good stripe and my wardrobe is filled with them but I can’t help but always been drawn to more!

stripes for venice

Do you normally treat yourself to a birthday outfit?

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sunday inspiration | unconditionally music video


We were at our friends’ house yesterday chilling out and watching MTV (much like the picture above…) when Katy Perry’s new song came on, Unconditionally. I like a bit of Katy Perry but I really loved the music video. I didn’t realise how big carnevale season was around here and I am keen to get totally on board next year with a trip to Venice and an animal themed onsie (they seem very popular). I think I might come back to this for a little bit of Venice outfit inspiration. The music video is a mix of carnevale ball, historical military chic and Vogue shoot. I went a bit screen grab crazy for some inspiration boards.

It goes from moody snowiness

unconditionally music video inspiration board 1

To warm golden tones

unconditionally music video inspiration board 2

Some Vogue style slow motion shots


And then exploding flowers and a car crash covered in blooms.


Here is the full music video.

If you are interested in the fashion and inspiration there is an interview with Katy Perry’s stylist. What do you think? Do you want to run away to a beautiful dancing circus?

All images screen grabs from the music video.

christmas inspiration

There have been some murmurs amongst several bloggers already and pinterest is throwing up some Christmas inspiration daily so I don’t feel too bad about jumping into the party.  We haven’t had a Christmas tree for about five years and I thought this year I would really make an effort.  It is going to be a big ol’ crafty one too.  As we don’t really own any special decorations I thought I would make some and I’m also going to try and make a few presents; although we don’t really do big gift giving we will have a couple secret Santa’s and there are a few birthdays too.

Here is my inspiration for the trees and decorations

I’m going for a grey, copper and wood  combo.  A colour combo that I am totally in love with right now, I’m thinking they’d make great colours for our lounge too (but that is for another day).  I already picked some branches yesterday and some “copper” glitter (which I think is just a mix of red and gold).  I also have a beaded reindeer that my Mum bought back for me from a holiday she just made back home to South Africa.

I’m also going to get some clay to make those now ubiquitous blogger Christmas decoration – but I still haven’t tried and I want to!

I have a whole host of Christmas ideas so look out for some more ideas to come.

Also, if you needed any extra help getting into the Christmas spirit Anna at Skin & Blister is doing a #ShareAdvent in which you can join in with all (or some) of her advent calendar activities.  Looks like fun.  Though I don’t think I will get around to doing them all I think some of those will definitely be on the list.

Sources for image 1: flag bunting | wood tree | copper tags, string, etc | tiles (original source missing) | measuring cups