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I watched this TedTalk by Diana Nyad after Rory told me about it on the way to Dorset to the Marte Marie Forsberg photography workshop and I just had to share it on here because … WOW!

This woman is such an inspiration. We might not be the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida (at the age of 64!) but her wisdom is kindle to those (perhaps more modest) dreams that we all have.

At the workshop Marie showed us some videos and we were asked to watch them more actively, seeing links between what we were discussing and asking questions. These are some things that I took away from this:

  • Even if you are ‘going it alone’ you need a team. Who is supporting you, providing inspiration, mentoring, etc?
  • Music is a good motivator.
  • Age is no barrier.
  • You will fail before you succeed and that is okay.
  • Humour makes it better.
  • Storytelling is powerful.
  • You might not know for certain what lies ahead but with training, research and that ‘team’ as well as belief in yourself and a good ‘why’, you can do it.
  • Swimming across a 100 miles of dangerous sea is a great metaphor for just about anything!


inspiration | wearing your heart

hearty inspiration

Okay it is still a month away but I have been thinking about Valentine’s Day already.  Perhaps it is because I am in a super love stage but I think the main reason is I want to make a “valentine top”.  It all started with some cool diy inspiration that I spotted on pinterest (including this big felted heart top and a plethora of elbow patch options) .  I think I might go for the gold and orange of Kendi Everyday’s top so it isn’t overtly ‘valentine’.

I think the best thing about it is that hearts aren’t only for valentines so I won’t feel like a dork wearing it all the time.

Do you have an outfit that you wear on valentine? Or do you think it is cheesy?

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