buildings of trieste and other hashtags

buildings of trieste

Don’t you love when you come across a hashtag on Instagram that no-one else is using. It works as a great ‘filing system’. I have started ‘filing’ my images into several categories and #buildingsoftrieste is one I started to tag all my photos of the buildings I capture in Trieste. There sure is some fancy architecture around here and it is great when I want to brag to friends or family who haven’t visited yet to show them the beautiful city I live in.

I also tag my food pictures with #mycreativeeats. I love food and this is a great repository for mini-recipes (you know the kind that are just ingredients thrown together and not really recipes at all). I also just started #mypancakeclub which I would love people to share their own pancake inspiration to. Just a unique topping or addition to the mix. I love pancakes!

Moving on from my own ‘creations’. I love #notmynonni (nonni being grandparents in Italian) from @notmynonni. Italy’s elderly make up a large chunk of the population and they are such brilliant characters.

I’ve found participating in hashtag challenges (is that what you would call them) or just tagging pictures are a great way of coming across new (to me) Instagrammers (particularly in my new part of the world) and a friendly way to grow my Instagram following. Though I suggest when hashtagging don’t go overkill!

So tell me how do you use hashtags and what are some of your favourites? And also how irritating is it that you can’t click on tags on the Instagram website?!

sunday inspiration | run away to the med

sunday inspiration - run away to the med

Yes I do live on the Med but not with the hot white sands and white-washed walls that scream Greek holiday to me. I’ve never been but can see myself finding my way down there one of these days with a light summer dress and no cares in the world.

From the Instagram accounts of @corinanika | @cambria_grace | @biancacash

Have you been to Greece? Link me up with posts if you have so I can take a virtual holiday.

what long weekends are made for


This weekend was one of those calm relaxing kinds. Lots of our friends went away for the weekend but saving for the wedding / honeymoon meant we stuck to home this time around.


Friday was the only day with decent weather forecasted and we went for a long walk to make the most of it. Up the hill in the middle of town. Noted how green things were looking. Spotted some places we want to try out. Discovered an awesome new bakery / coffee shop / bar / live jazz bar (is that not just the best combination ever). We ate focaccia for lunch. Then gelato from a place we hadn’t tried. Then we sat in the main square and enjoyed the sunshine and people watched.

Saturday was rain. Discovered a new amazing woodwork shop where I want everything. There is a wall decorated with rolling pins. A workshop which has a glass ‘wall’ so you can see what is going on. And you can buy wooden block houses by weight! We met a friend for an afternoon coffee (at the place discovered Friday). That turned into a drink and then waiting for two hours for them to slice up all the bread that hadn’t sold which was then served as complimentary bar nibbles. They served it with hummus and tapenade. A simple dinner but so good. I wonder if free dinner with drinks is the best part of this place? Then gelato. Or that?


Sunday more rain. Out for a wonder despite the rain. It cleared up and we met friends for a drink in the main square. The clouds cleared for the most gorgeous sunset.

Monday more rain. Tim made breakfast. For lunch we were craving piadini and headed out despite the rain. Another new gelato place we wanted to try was closed. Got home and a friend messaged. I went out to join her for a hot chocolate (thick with hazelnut bits). Then a drink. Then home for leftovers because the shops hadn’t been open for two days (oops, we’re not in England anymore).

Looking forward to the next two weekends which are also long ones!

happy friday

Sorry for the profusion of camera photos around here of late. I will definitely get into the swing of actually taking proper camera photos soon!  Anyway …

This week I am grateful for:

Links for the weekend

Have a lovely weekend!

over the weekend

weekend instagram - mycreative

I seem to have a habit of never doing all I planned on the weekend.  Which suggests I should really plan to do less but I still got some good stuff done.

  1. Cleaned the house and re-arranged some tulips (some were past their best)
  2. Wore my lovely new red lipstick.
  3. Did a bit of underground London going to meet up with people and running some errands.  The design of the snake and ladders at Oxford Circus caught my eye.  It is so funny how you don’t notice some things for ages (years!) until it is something that you are becoming interested in.
  4. Reading some new magazines.  I am really interested in how they are designed and hope it might influence some wonderful photo album design (although still haven’t got very far on this winter to do).