read ’em and eat


Just a short one today as my  lurgy seems to have caught up with me.


I fell into the TEDx bucket. This one on how to stop screwing yourself over was interesting. I’ve mentioned before my interest with words and the power they have. Stop saying fine is something that I am adding to my list (along with I’m busy as a response to how I am).

Beth Kirby’s Instagram photos from Japan are getting me excited about our trip later this year. Just need to book some places!

I need to give up eating rubbish snack (chocolate addicts raise their hands). After reading In Defence of Food I thought a more lifestyle friendly solution is to just eat ‘sweet snacks’ I make myself (and eating good quality gelato because honestly that isn’t going to stop happening). This healthy chocolate fudge is definitely going to the top of my list.


This is the first non-liquid breakfast I have had in about a month. I am loving those smoothies man! Anyway, some days pancakes are required (especially when your lingering cold has you up from three in the morning). The toppings on this one are kind of Greek/med inspired (a combo of Crete holiday dreaming and  paging through the Toast catalogue that I had my mom send me (priorities right!?)). Banana (because always), dried fig, almonds (not chopped because I was too lazy) and a sprinkling of halva. I also added a drizzle of tahini after the pic because I just can’t . Also great on a porridge or muesli and I am pondering a smoothie combination with this too.

read ’em and eat


This week I got attacked by a throat and ear lurgy. And I had some deadlines at work. So it has been pretty full on. But I realised that a ‘bad’ week in my life at the moment is really pretty darn good still. Yes, I still have a terrible relationship with chocolate (meaning I eat it everyday and still haven’t shifted any weight off this year). Yes, I have no idea what I am doing with my life in the big picture sense. But man is my day to day life awesome. And just appreciating the ‘nows’ makes you super happy. I mean I seriously feel like I am on some natural prozac all the time. I am wondering how I can bottle this feeling for future ‘down periods’. I’ll let you know if I am successful.


I am always in love with Siobhan’s Friday link-ups. (Do you have any good ones?)

I want Tiffany’s office space, or for her to come over and magic my rental into something so beautiful.

I am starting to eye up birthday cakes and this hazelnut and mascarpone one is currently leading the race.

These scarves are beautiful.

I might be going hysterical but I found this incredibly amusing (warning it is only cats on the internet).

This project is a great way to get you off your phone and help give water to children in need.


Um, another smoothie … sorry they are all I am eating for breakfast at the moment! So many combinations. I might try a beet smoothie soon though …

Check out the recipe for this one on Instagram. The one above (had in bed this morning) is the same but looks more chocolatey because I used a different leaf with a pink stem so the colour changed. There was no chocolate in it. But it was still green in spirit.

read ’em and eat

pear and pineapple green smoothie

Kind of what my week has looked like but at least by having some vegetables for breakfast everyday I don’t feel so bad.


I find this hypnotising.

If you missed my post earlier this week I just wanted to highlight this 30 day yoga challenge I started and re-started. It really has a beautiful knock on effect for my whole day.

Some additional tips for travelling after another of my posts earlier this week.

Not the sort of thing I normally share but this wedding is breathtaking.


WARNING: I am on the green smoothie bandwagon and future food posts might steer dangerously close to annoying if you never ever want to eat a green smoothie!

So I was going to share this post with you a while back but never got around to taking a picture but I finally got around to getting on this week and now my weeks favourite green smoothie recipe is a little different and even better. Lucky you! This green wonder is mostly seasonal with a drop of tropical.

  • 1/4 cup ground almonds
  • 1 – 2 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • as much spinach as you can handle
  • 1 banana
  • 2 pears
  • a couple chunks of frozen pineapple
  • 2 cups water

Blend and dah dah! Makes 2 very generous portions. I take mine to work in a travel cup and sip it for a while.

I am amazed that the spinach flavour doesn’t even impact on the taste of smoothie but it does make things green which kind of makes me feel like Pop-eye. Also if you make a smoothie with kale you don’t put as much kale in as you would spinach. It has flavour!

read ’em; no eat

I swear by February I will have got on top of this here blog and will share a decent breakfast with you again. I did in fact make a really good breakfast this morning but we had invited friends around and I didn’t feel like it was polite for the host to hold things up while I took a photo. So will try that again. Stay tuned.

On a side note my house only ever seems to be tidy for about 5 minutes at a time. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, here are a few links from around the web this week which seem to be rather foodie orientated (perhaps to make up for the lack of a breakfast)


This looks like a great way to get more of the veggies in while being delicious. Now if only I had a spiral thing to make zucchini noodles.

It is going to be a late one for me but I am looking forward to joining this Dean Street Society call to up my Instagram game.

Our friends showed us this video of John Joseph (frontman for the bad Cro-Mag) making a smoothie. Warning: he has written a book called “Meat is for Pussies” which might give you some indication of how the video goes. But I love how he breaks any stereotypes of what a vegan is.

I am about to go on a smoothie craze because we treated ourselves to a Vitamix with some wedding gift money. I am pinning recipes like crazy. Let me know if you have any favourite recipes. I am also interested in using some protein powders so if you have any recommendations let me know.

On the other end of the food spectrum I am liking the idea of this mac and cheese party. And just incase you think you would find Mac and Cheese on menus in Italy. You won’t.

Okay that is all I have for you this week. Have a good week folks!

read ’em and eat

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


I think Freya’s key to happiness is such a perfect insight.

Every few months I resolve to be better at staying in touch with my friends around the world. And mostly I fail but this is a beautiful idea to keep connected with your global community that I might steal.

Thanks to my friend Donald I discovered the five minute journal this week. You can buy the app, an actual journal or they share the whole journal (which has some research and explanations) as an Issuu so you can read it and then just go make your own journal with a notebook you have lying around. Admittedly I have just done the latter because I didn’t like the idea of doing it on my phone and I wanted to start straight away. It is definitely a really helpful tool in helping me to live my word for the year, Intentional. I have now done it for five days but have changed the ‘gratitude’ question slightly in line with advice from Marie Forleo about making gratitude more precise.

I made this beetroot soup the other day. I have to say I was a bit … scared … about what beetroot soup would taste like but it was really good. And it felt so healthy I was sure I lost weight just eating it! (Okay maybe not but it felt like I was getting all the good stuff). Plus with the little bit that was left-over I added it to an abundance bowl as a dressing. I love multitasking food.

I think I might take up Rosie’s call for learning/re-learning a skill. I have a few in mind, I just need to get some materials …


I haven’t had too many exciting breakfasts since my return to Italy. This morning I met a friend for coffee though and this is the standard Italian breakfast out. Un brioche con cioccolato e un capo in b, per favore. Seriously I don’t know how they stay so slim! I don’t often have this for breakfast. In fact this is probably the first time in about 4 months, but sometimes you wake up late on a Sunday and are eager to catch up with a friend. A ‘capo in b‘ is short speak for a cappuccino in bicchiere (a glass). The cappuccino’s in Trieste are much smaller in size than the rest of Italy. Just an espresso glass size. Which is plenty big enough for me. Also Trieste is the only place (as far as I know) where you ask for a coffee like that. Even an espresso is called a ‘nero’ (black).

There you go a little lesson on coffee in Trieste. This year I plan to share a little more about the city which I hope you will enjoy. At some point I will also pull out my actual camera to start taking pictures again!

how did it get so late so soon?


Since before December I was planning on a whole bunch of Christmassy-ness that was going to happen in real life, some of which I was going to share with you. But the time has run away with me and I haven’t stuck up one single Christmas decoration! The fact that we are leaving for South Africa on Saturday and won’t be at home for Christmas kind of makes it feel not worthwhile for three days either so I am afraid this year will be the year I didn’t decorate. Oh well there is always next year and there are plenty of festive feelings flying around.

But to share some Christmas love I thought I would link up to some Christmassy loveliness from across the web.

Decorating Love

Wrapping inspiration

  • A great idea of using DIY printables in a different way for this  wrapping idea.
  • The simple addition of a wreath brings a bit of greenery to your presents.
  • Or some watercolour on paper. I think I have a roll of ikea white paper somewhere.
  • An old post of mine with some ideas for reusing shopping bags for wrapping (I am truly terrible at wrapping presents so bags often win)

Winning Gift Giving

  • Chocolate bark is always a great last minute gift idea (can literally knock some up an hour before leaving the house for a last minute Christmas engagement. This combo sounds delicious.
  • I think I might gift this to myself to read on the plane to South Africa. I am not the tidiest person and any tips I can get to not have to spend half a day cleaning on the weekend would be magical. I think many might appreciate the sentiment for a new year.

Let’s Eat

  • For those to squeamish for eggnog how about a vegan version. Looks good to me.
  • These mincemeat and clementine rolls are great for a last minute Christmas gathering, or you know any reason.

Also check out my post from last year on photographing Christmas lights if you are heading out for some evening walks.