my london week in numbers

Painted in Waterlogue

In the vein of Rosie and Freya, I thought I would share my week in London through numbers. So here you go.

2 | Celebrities spotted. I was in London all of 20 minutes when I walked past Bill Nighy in Soho. Then on Sunday I headed to The Wolseley for brunch (seriously love The Wolseley) and Samuel L Jackson was having some eggs.

20+ | Hours spent on buses, trains and tube. I stayed at a friend just past Hackney after I got into London got back to using the bus a lot. Definitely the best way to get around London if you aren’t in too much of a hurry. Plus a train from my Mom into London, to Cambridge and back and to the airport, plus the occasional zip on the tube. I have to say it was a little exhausting all the moving around though – I only take the bus once a week to go to one of my little tutoring jobs. And occasionally to the beach.

3 | Nights slept in my styled hair. Four days and it still looked decent! Very impressed

12 | Charity shops visited. I was looking for some bits for the wedding and was fairly successful. This was split between one near my mum in Bracknell, Crouch End and Cambridge.

At least 10 | Number of jugs in said charity shops that I eyed up longingly. I have a thing for them.

18 | Friends caught up with. Not everyone but glad that I got to spend some quality time with a bunch of my special friends.

1 | Photo shoot. Had to some work (although always so fun).

2 | Pairs of shoes bought. A smart move with the Tom’s but got massive blisters from the cheapo high street purchase. Oops.

gazillion | Calories consumed. In case you are interested this included meals from the following: The Vintage Tea House with my mum (great cake!), a late dinner at Maeve’s Kitchen (a simple menu but lovely cosy feeling), Tibits (a great central vegetarian restaurant which is great for a bite with a friend for lunch), Rosa’s (to get some Thai food fix), Beam (still thinking about their salad), Franco Manca, a little caf’ in Cambridge where I had a full veggie English (yum), The Wolseley (always brilliant), an amazing Turkish falafel wrap from Dom’s Place (a hipster kebab joint basically. It has been there since the 1970s but recently refurbished. Super good wrap too). So many new places had popped up in favourite neighbourhoods and exploring new areas meant I was keen to try 10,000 more but afraid my stomach and wallet could not handle that. Time for a detox now!

spring to do

wax-flowers-mycreative I hope wherever you are in the world it is doing a better job of acting like spring than it is here.  But yesterday was the spring equinox so it is technically here (unless you count it from the beginning of March which has definitely not been the case in England).

For my spring list I am going to keep it simple.  I have a couple bigger projects going on so don’t want to set myself up for failure.

  1. Take a trip to Cambridge when the daffodils are out.  I have been saying I will do this for years but this is the year it actually happens! 
  2. Give the house a proper spring clean: declutter, sort out cupboards, simplify
  3. Learn enough inDesign to make a photo album
  4. Have a fabulous birthday party
  5. Finish my map for my map making class
  6. Get back into the habit of cooking healthy wholesome dinners and try some new quick but yummy dinner recipes

Have you got any spring plans?

winter to do

winter resolution

With Christmas and a full on workload I decided to delay my winter to do until the new year.  January and February in ol’ England are cold and with the Christmas festivities over can lead to some blues (or greys?).  It feels like the world is hibernating and getting ready for “springing”.  I think the next two months require some colour, couch based activities and preparation:

  1. Find the perfect red lipstick.  I have never been a lipstick wearer but really love the look of red lips.  I have a consistent dry lip problem but hope that I can overcome this (perhaps with this lip exfoliator from anonymous was a woman) and get me some “pow” lips.
  2. Make a photo album of the year that was 2012.
  3. Make a blanket for the lounge.  The current ones are rather old and scrappy.
  4. Experiment in finding the perfect cosy warming vegan drink.
  5. Practice making pasta.  We picked up a pasta maker in one of our local charity shops for £2.50! Unused! We’ve had one go but could definitely do with the practice.
  6. Read a classic book.  With studying I normally never get to read but think making time for some fiction is a useful way to improve my story telling skills.  Over Christmas I re-read “Little Women” and really enjoyed it so think another classic would be a good way to go.
  7. Try some new exercises. When I exercised I did home work out videos but think that trying some new types of exercise might inspire me to partake in more regular exercise again.
  8. Guest post for a blog. I love my blog and all the things it has helped me to achieve but this year I would really like to grow my readership and challenge myself further with my blog.  If anyone is looking for a guest blog post  let me know.
  9. Hang our pictures.  We have been in our flat about a year and a half and our pictures are still not up.  I got some frames over the last few months so some of them at least should make their way to the wall in the next month or so.
  10. Send off my dissertation proposal! This is a biggy.  Super important but I really need to get on this one.



buon 2013 mycreative

It is that time of year when we start thinking about new year’s resolutions.  I am a bit reluctant this year as there was mixed success with my 2012 goals and their practice seemed to fade as the year went by.  Doesn’t it always?  I started off the year well with giving up sugar for over a month but have reverted to monstrous sugar eating habits; exercise never really materialised; I remained terrible at communicating with friends and family far away; I don’t think I will ever overcome my procrastinating gene but I do think I have become a better photographer. Yay 1 out of 5!

Generally the year was a “mixed bag”, as I predicted at the beginning, with uncertainties and pauses.  I have a feeling 2013 is going to be much of the same as my job is a maternity contract role,  It only expires in August though so I have some more stability in the front part of the year which is good.

So what for 2013?  In July I decided on a few things I wanted to accomplish by 30 so I will continue to work on achieving those.  This year I am going to focus on learning Italian (I have already booked an 11 week course starting this month) and turning my photography into a business.  For smaller goals I have found the seasonal “to dos” have helped me appreciate the seasons while setting myself some more short term targets and will continue with them.

On top of that I have my dissertation to write and although everyone (including me) says it every year I really want to start eating healthier and start exercising consistently.  I feel so much better when I do.  To jump start the year I will be having another vegan month in January.  As I’ve said before I don’t think I could be full on vegan but think eating less dairy products can only be a good thing for the planet and my waistline.

Hope that didn’t bore you but I figure us bloggers are ‘nosy parkers’ who like to know what others are doing.  Also, I feel by sharing here I am more accountable (although that wasn’t too successful last year …).  In that vain, link me up with your resolutions if you have any.  And tips!

[Image: styled by Charlotte Love]

summer to do

I don’t know if we can officially say it is Summer yet.  England, as usual, can’t make up its mind either with last week being gorgeous sunshine and this been cold and rainy.

As it seems unlikely that we will actually be going away for a summer holiday this year I thought I would make a short list of fun things that I want to do, and can easily do, right from here. I am generally not great at completing lists but figure these are easy enough whilst providing enjoyment.

  1. Take a trip to the seaside
  2. Have a picnic in the park
  3. Go on a pick-your-own outing
  4. Make jam from the harvest obtained while doing (3)
  5. Make popsicles
  6. Drink some homemade ice-tea
  7. Roast some strawberries (see a pattern forming here)
  8. Visit the Brixton market
  9. Cut my hair
  10. Eat lots of gelato

To be honest number 10 is pretty easy for me as I do this all year round.

Do you have any plans or “to do’s”

[Images: from our holiday to Italy in 2010 – Capri & view of Vesuvius from Naples]