lomography workshop

lomography_coffee_1_mycreative Last weekend I went on a workshop at the Lomography shop in Spitalfields where I developed my own film for the first time.  But it wasn’t any old development process.  We used coffee!  I thought that it would give a sort of sepia tone to the images but it just turned out that it just created the same chemical reaction as normal black and white developer.  You can find out more about the process from this site.

As I am going to be away later this week I thought I would do a bit of a photo series with the rest of the photos.  I hope you enjoy.

happy friday

It has been a good week despite the Mr being away. I met up with a friend for dinner at the Wahaca pop-up on Southbank (which was the first time I had been to a Wahaca of any description and I quite enjoyed it).  Yesterday I took some photos for an event at the Gallery Cafe for St Margaret’s House (the charity which owns the cafe).  Man I love taking photos.  And as a bonus I got to listen to some live music which I haven’t done in ages and must certainly do again soon.  The picture above is one of the bands – Maia.  I’ll tell you more about it once I have edited some more photos

I also have an interview next week for a paid internship for another great charity (so I’d appreciate if you’d keep fingers crossed for me).  Although if it doesn’t work out the company I am working for want me to stay to the end of August so that takes a bit of pressure off things.

Because it has been a mixed bag of excitable things this week here are some random links:

Hope you have a good weekend. I am praying for a bit of sunshine and some carboot action.  What are you up to?

happy friday

One purpose of this weekly post is to encourage me to try to find something positive in every week.  This week I have been trying to squeeze as much creativity as possible into my waking hours outside of a rather uninspiring temp job.  Sometimes staying awake too late – oops).  Thinking of ideas for photography shoots, thinking of new things to put in my etsy shop and snapping some pictures on my new old camera during my lunch hour.

I am excited to get the film developed but still have a few more snaps to go.  I have been trying to get a range of images from ‘urban landscapes’ (I am working in the City), to people, cats and flowers to see what the camera works best with.  I hope I am not building it up too much and I am imaging that I will be sorely disappointed by the results.  But I am looking forward to experimenting with some ‘fun’ film types like the ones from lomography.

Since my purchase I have also discovered some other people with old new Canon AE-1s or AV-1s so if you are interested in film why not go have a wander around their blogs:

They also happen to all be British based.  It makes me feel like I belong to a secret society and that I keep accidentally bumping into secret members everywhere.  Anybody else out there wants to be in the club?

Happy Friday everyone!