eat and snap | broadway market

broadway market fresh produce tartan on broadway market purple on broadway market broadway market flowers and photos Saturday I hosted my last London based Eat and Snap for the year. It was a different mix of people to usual with some non-bloggers who came along. It was great to have a different perspective on the day.

We headed to Broadway Market, starting with breakfast at the Market Cafe which made some pretty wicked lemony ricotta pancakes.  Despite the Market on it didn’t seem crazy busy so I suggest if you are heading to the market and don’t want to wonder around on a hungry stomach you head here first.

After breakfast and my normal ‘walk through’ of settings we headed out into the market. I haven’t been for a while and was glad I got the chance to visit before heading off. I’m pretty sure there is more variety of products, when I used to visit years ago it was just food (or is my memory fading). The shops along the street are also super cute and I could spend a fortune in the magazine/bookstore near the beginning of the road.  Markets are a great place to practice photography as there as a lot going on and people aren’t always paying attention to the person with the camera.

As mentioned there won’t be anymore Eat and Snaps this year but if you are interested in finding about any happenings from Spring next year sign up to the mailing list.

There are also still two places left on the Paris Eat and Snap which is happening in October.


drink | little bird gin

little-bird-gin-2-mycreative little-bird-gin-3-mycreative little-bird-gin-1-mycreative After the Eat & Snap group on Saturday the die hards decided to go for a cocktail at one of the interesting looking venues along Maltby Street.  We settled on Little Bird Gin because it had pretty glasses.  Yup that is the way these bloggers roll.  We sat at an old sewing table and found some vintage scissors and a bobbin inside.

I have to admit the drink was a little strong for my palette but I’d buy another one and sit down there on a lovely weekend all the same.

It is quite funny how when you start looking for something it pops up.  As part of Eat & Snap I suggested some things people should look for to ‘concentrate the mind’ as it were.  One of those things was red.  You can see it popped up very prominently at the table we sat at.  As well as in a few of my other photos of the day.

camden and shhht

camden market spring blossoms camden market pink pattern camden market sitting down camden market people Over the weekend we popped down to Camden Market.  We used to live in Camden but haven’t been down for a long while.  It can feel very touristy but I think they have definitely upped their game in terms of the food they offer.  We didn’t go into the ‘stable’ bit but the West Yard area (which is in the Lock section) has a great variety and quality which is now on a competitive level with other food focussed markets.

Time for a plug.  My cousin and her friend sell their baked goods at the market which include giant biscuits!  I have to admit my sugar free diet took a bit of a nose dive with the offer of fudge and their peanut butter chocolate biscuit is to die for.  They use as much organic, sustainable and fairtrade ingredients as possible which I love (at least you can get fat on stuff that isn’t bad for the planet, right?).  I have to say these two are quite an inspiration as they have at the ripe old age of 23 have already decided not to waste life doing what people think they should do but started their own business selling products they love and are proud of (and should be).  You can find them on facebook and twitter (I’m failing in my cousin duties in helping them to set up a website) to see when they are at the market.  They also do catering!
cupcakes n shhht stall in camden market

wandering around columbia road

cafe columbia - mycreative tulips on columbia road - mycreative with pussy willow - mycreative stairs on columbia road - mycreative On Sunday I met up with the lovely Charlotte to practice taking portraits on my film camera.  I have to say it is a lot harder than with a digital camera.  I’ll share a few of them with you later but these are some of the street snaps that I got.

The black and white film has to be posted off so will take a little while longer to share.  I’m excited to see how they turn out though.