eat outside | southbank roof garden

bumble_bee One thing I love about London in the summer is how it comes alive and has a buzz to it. Nowhere do you quite feel this as on the Southbank. This year the lovely folk over at the Southbank have created a garden on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.  I have been visiting it quite regularly: almost weekly to have a regular meet up with my post-grad uni friends and on the weekends with Tim and his mum when she visited from South Africa.

It is amazing how the garden has grown over the last few months and it is looking absolutely gorgeous at the moment with a great selection of plants and buzzy creatures.

It is a perfect spot for sitting and enjoying the lovely weather.  You can buy a beverage from the roof bar but they don’t serve food so you can bring your own.  With my uni mates we have been bringing a pot luck picnic whilst enjoying a bottle of rose or some elderflower cordial.

Here is a little video I made to show you how absolutely lovely it is.

blognic 2013


It was such a great weekend.

On Saturday we had our video workshop which was brilliant.  I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow and share some photos.

Sunday was Blognic, organised by Bethan, Lynne and Ellie (for which a huge thank you).  I went to one two years ago which was my first ‘blogger event’ and I was so glad I went then and as glad I went yesterday.  The ladies found a secret little spot in Regent’s Park (which we were under instruction from an elderly gentleman not to share the location of – sorry).  It was a lovely relaxed way to meet blogger friends, new and old. Thanks so much to the ladies for organising and working their weather mojo for some beautiful sunshiney weather.

Tim sent me off to practice my own video making skills too.  Not high quality stuff but I grabbed a few takes on an old ipod and I was able to edit it when I got home. (You can also see the video here if you can’t see it in subscriber email etc).  If you in London you should definitely come to the one next year! (hint hint)

eat | recipe in progress

On Friday I started planning for a recipe that Tim and I could film.  It was similar to things I had made in the past, a zucchini cake inspired by a recent purchase (La Cucina).

Unfortunately, my baking calculations didn’t succeed and the cake (more a loaf) didn’t turn out quite as planned.  So back to the kitchen.  But in the meantime you can enjoy a movie.  I am sure with the abundance of zucchini coming into season in season I will get the chance to experiment a bit more.  You know that whole thing about baking being a science.  Yeah that is true (despite my successes at normally just throwing things in a bowl).

Lesson learned: perfect a recipe before making a movie!

If you get this by email or on your phone you can check out the video here: Zucchini Cake (by Tim)

happy friday

happy friday lovely pink sunset The view from our lounge one evening.  I can’t quite reach over the chimney tops.  Hahaha, sounds like a deep metaphor.

This week we moved closer to setting a wedding date, brainstormed for posts production (one storm of which was the video holiday walk-shops) and I came up with some ideas for my own blog.  Need to work on the last ones a bit more.

I’ve got a bit more of Venice for you too.  Tim made this and it is sort of a reflection of the realisation that aside from tourism the thing that keep Venice … economically afloat (sorry (not sorry)) are the maintenance men.

And here are some links for the week:

primavera su burano

My first video! A little montage of spring on the Venetian island of Burano.  It is such a beautiful island.  It was a perfect spring day when we went – really warm with a bit of a breeze.

I recorded this on my phone with the android app Camera Illusion.  I’ll share a post on Posts Production soon giving an overview of the app if you are interested.

It is going to be a bit of a Venice week ahead with maps and gelato and stylish Venetians so hope you enjoy.