read ’em and eat


Just a short one today as my  lurgy seems to have caught up with me.


I fell into the TEDx bucket. This one on how to stop screwing yourself over was interesting. I’ve mentioned before my interest with words and the power they have. Stop saying fine is something that I am adding to my list (along with I’m busy as a response to how I am).

Beth Kirby’s Instagram photos from Japan are getting me excited about our trip later this year. Just need to book some places!

I need to give up eating rubbish snack (chocolate addicts raise their hands). After reading In Defence of Food I thought a more lifestyle friendly solution is to just eat ‘sweet snacks’ I make myself (and eating good quality gelato because honestly that isn’t going to stop happening). This healthy chocolate fudge is definitely going to the top of my list.


This is the first non-liquid breakfast I have had in about a month. I am loving those smoothies man! Anyway, some days pancakes are required (especially when your lingering cold has you up from three in the morning). The toppings on this one are kind of Greek/med inspired (a combo of Crete holiday dreaming and  paging through the Toast catalogue that I had my mom send me (priorities right!?)). Banana (because always), dried fig, almonds (not chopped because I was too lazy) and a sprinkling of halva. I also added a drizzle of tahini after the pic because I just can’t . Also great on a porridge or muesli and I am pondering a smoothie combination with this too.

movie making | sunday morning pancakes

An unusual Sunday post because I am so excited to share this.

My first collaboration it seems is coming from working with my fiance!  For his birthday I bought him an SLR camera because he has been wanting to make movies.  He thought he would start with making short films for my blog (yay for me!).  It was so fun and I think it is totally brilliant (and not just because I think he is amazing).  We made this one this morning.

If you like it we will definitely work on more in the future.  Let me know!

p.s. if you are interested in the recipe it is along the lines of these

a saturday in clerkenwell

Started with a delicious breakfast at the Modern Pantry. I had raspberry pancakes with Greek yoghurt and poached apricot.

Followed by a haircut – I cut off a lot of length and the lovely Rachel at Attitude also curled my hair for me.  It probably won’t look like that often but I really like it so might try to play around with my straightener.

We then went to the Museum of the Order of St John. We took one of the free guided tours (although donations are welcomed) which occur twice on Saturdays and once during the days of the week that it is open.  It was quite interesting founding out a bit of the local history.  The Order of Hospitaller Knights was originally founded in Jerusalem, spent a while in Malta after being ejected from Jerusalem and formed a base in London in the 11th century.  Hospitaller Knights differ from Templar Knights in that their role was primarily caring for the sick and accompanying pilgrims to holy sites, for which they still required normal ‘knight skills’.

Parts of the building date from different periods but the crypt dates from its founding.  Many famous people have passed through the building including Shakespeare and Ben Johnson when the priory building was put to other uses.  The order was later transformed into a chivalrous order rather than a religious one and founded the St John’s Ambulance.

It is really interesting and I would suggest joining one of the guided tours if you can.

the versatility of pancakes

I might have mentioned that I am a breakfast/brunch kind of girl.  Definitely the best meal of the day.  Over vegan June I ate one of favourite breakfast dishes almost everyday.  The pancake.  I have a simple recipe that takes me less than five minutes to put together and doesn’t leave me feeling guilty for eating pancakes everyday.  I haven’t attempted a crepe style pancake with this recipe but I am sure it will be possible.  Really though this is a more robust variety which will keep you full until lunch.

The basic recipe for one pancake (inspired by Joy the Baker) is

  • 1 to 2 heaped tbsp spelt flour (actual tablespoons here – no time for fussing in the morning).  The amount used depends on whether I want a thinner or thicker version
  • 1 tbsp milled flaxseed
  • pinch salt
  • pinch bicarbonate soda
  • squeeze of fresh lemon juice (this is essential for a nice airy pancake. If you don’t have lemons try a bit of white wine vinegar)
  • oat milk to desired consistency (or any alternative milk).

Combine and fry in a little bit of coconut oil.

The additions that can be made to this are pretty wide:

  • add a tablespoon of cocoa powder for some chocolate pancakes
  • mix some peanut butter in with the milk before stirring together for a nutty hit
  • pureed banana or apple for something more fruity
  • even grating some pear or apple into the mix for a bit more texture

Topping wise I am a fan of fruit but have been known to have banana and melted chocolate (just pop 2 or 3 blocks in the microwave for about 20 seconds).  You could of course go more traditional with simple lemon and sugar.  Savoury is another option – taking the pancake into acceptable realms for lunch or dinner.

While I had mostly pancakes for vegan June I have also had some smoothies (berries, banana, oat milk and oats all whizzed up), cold oats (just soak oats in oat milk while you are in the shower and add grated pear or apple or any other fruit option you have around) and toast with marmite (a good source of vitamin B12).

Although vegan June is over I am still keen to incorporate more vegan options in my diet so my next challenge is to perfect vegan french toast (another eternal favourite).